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Is Ukraine Prepared to Assassinate 50,000 People in Donetsk? Yeah, We Didn't Think So

Is the SBU prepared to assassinate all of these so-called "terrorists"?

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The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) is the likely culprit behind the recent assassination of famed DPR commander Givi. (The SBU denies the accusation, blaming internal disputes for Givi's murder.)

We hate to rush to judgment, but our bet is on the SBU, despite their formidable defense ("the Russians did it!").

<figcaption>You can't kill them all</figcaption>
You can't kill them all

Approximately 50,000 people attended Givi's funeral in Donetsk (RFE/RL says the number is closer to 2,000, of course). In the west, the conflict in East Ukraine is usually described as a war between Ukraine and "Russian-backed rebels" or "Russian-back separatists". But Ukraine does not even respect the people of Donbass enough to refer to them as "rebels". They are terrorists.

The conflict is officially known as the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), and Donbass is simply the "ATO Zone". Anyone who resists Kiev's liberating artillery shells is a "Russian-backed terrorist" or "Russian-backed extremist" or simply just "a Russian."

Kiev regarded Givi as a terrorist leader. What does that make the 50,000 people who paid their last respects to him? Are they terrorist sympathizers? Or just straight-up terrorists?

So much of Kiev's narrative depends upon this ludicrous idea that Russia has taken Donetsk hostage, and that the people desperately want Ukraine to "liberate them".


So the question really is: Is the SBU prepared to murder all of these 50,000 people with bombs or a Shmel antipersonnel flamethrower or whatever they use?

Because they're all terrorists, right? Even that 80-year-old pensioner whose home was looted by right-wing battalions? Yes, "Slava Ukraine".

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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