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Ukraine PM Insists Kiev Is on a Charm Offensive in Donbass

In interview to German media: "For a long time we have been trying to win the hearts of the people in Donetsk and Luhansk."

  • Previously referred to Russians as subhumans
  • His forces are blockading and shelling Donetsk, Lugansk

Over the weekend Der Spiegel interviewed Ukraine's prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk or "Yats" as Victoria Nuland nicknamed him during her infamous "Eff-the-EU" phone call to the US Ambassador in Kiev.

It is important to keep that phone call in mind because it proves,

  • 1) that the US did plot the February coup in Kiev, all the way to choosing "Yats" as the next prime minister, and
  • 2) that by carrying on the Maidan coup, the USA tore up the Budapest Memorandum with which Ukraine renounced her nuclear power status in exchange for assurances about her sovereignty and territorial integrity.

When the first provision of the Budapest memorandum – respect for Ukraine's sovereignty - had been infringed by the US, the road was left open for Russia to de facto denounce the memorandum and accept a willing Crimea into its arms.

Had the US not gone so far as to impose an unelected, openly anti-Russian government, Russia could have perhaps – perhaps that is – remained passive.

But Russia did not just risk losing its only warm-water base in Sevastopol; it would have lost its face worldwide.

Precisely this humiliation was what the US intended as retribution for Russia's role in preventing new "interventions" in the Middle East, from Iran to Syria.

For Russia there was also the need to prevent a likely Odessa-style massacre in historic, Russian Sevastopol.

The interview headline declares: "Putin 'needs new annexations'". As if he had not governed Russia for 15 years until the Crimean takeover.

How many wars, proxy wars, coups and drone murders – from Serbia to Syria – have been carried out by the US-led "democratic" West in this time? Losing count does not excuse ignoring them.

Yatsenyuk is a relaxed liar. Reminded that "NATO stated clearly that there's no military solution to the conflict. But you seem to think differently", he intones:

"My aim is not to start a new offensive against Russian soldiers, but to deter Russia from further aggression."

A new offensive - against Russians!? If only the Ukrainian army had attacked Pro-Russian, Ukrainian separatists rather than shelling homes, schools and hospitals!

But then Der Spiegel edges toward boredom-killing reality, "Is it helpful to label the Ukrainian military offensive an anti-terror-operation when so many people in eastern Ukraine already view Kiev with suspicion?"

So Spiegel noticed, eventually paying attention!

Now Yatsenyuk's epic answer, that has already gone viral on social media, "For a long time we have been trying to win the hearts of the people in Donetsk and Luhansk."

Please? By shelling civilians week after week then into the ceasefire? Maybe by calling them "subhumans"? Or maybe still by stopping salaries and pensions to them? Eat your heart out Herr Goebbels, even you could not beat that.

The joke goes on:

"My government was ready to devolve additional powers to the regions," as if Ukrainians especially in the East had not already voted for such reforms!

Suddenly Yatsenyuk remembers how he treated them, and justifies himself thusly, "But when we were attacked militarily it was our duty to defend our country." At least Satan would understand.

Spiegel counters:

"Your government has stopped paying salaries and pensions to people in the territories not controlled by your government.

It seems that you've already given up these parts of eastern Ukraine."

Here Yatsenyuk shows symptoms of AHD, advanced hearing disorder, “That's untrue, we still supply gas and electricity.” Priceless!

One more rant by Yatsenyuk deserves discussion, "The Russians will always find a pretext for their aggression. Putin said in 2005 that the biggest geopolitical disaster of the last century was the collapse of the Soviet Union."

Here Yatsenyuk repeates Putin's Putin's misunderstood quote, half quoted and wilfully misinterpreted.

Way back in 2005 Putin said:

“Above all, we should acknowledge the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster of the century.

For the Russian nation, it became a genuine drama. Tens of millions of our co-citizens and co-patriots found themselves outside Russian territory. Moreover, the epidemic of disintegration infected Russia itself."

As Katie Sanders from Pundit Fact website explains:

“The Associated Press translation is a little different, subbing "catastrophe" for "disaster," and calling the breakup the "greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century."

So Yats lazily parrots what was mal-translated without caring about what Putin actually said because truth is not his long suit.

Had Yatsenyuk pondered over, “Tens of millions of our co-citizens and co-patriots found themselves outside Russian territory”, he would have at least known whom he had to deal with - a president who, unlike some Peace Nobel Prize Winners, actually care for his people.

Suggesting one more reason why the West and their catamite Yatsenyuk hate Putin so much.

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