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Ukraine Finds a Russian Conspiracy at UK's 'The Independent'

The clowns running the Kiev circus have found evidence of Russian 'hybrid war' in western mainstream media

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Today's news features an excellent example of the 1984-like absurd attempts at manipulation of information that characterize the pro-US regime in Kiev.

The coup regime has adopted an Orwellian Newspeak term to represent the supposed "Russian aggression" against the country, though there is an almost total lack of objective evidence of such aggression. That term is hybrid war

Is Russia blocking imports of Ukrainian food to protect their market and retaliate for Ukrainian sanctions? This is a hybrid war against Ukrainian agriculture. Does Russia ask Ukraine to pay its gas bills?  That's a hybrid war against the Ukrainian economy. Is Russian media reporting on the extremist radicals filling the Ukrainian army's ranks? It's a hybrid war on Ukrainian information space. Can the Russian army invading Ukraine not be found? It's a hybrid war with hidden troops. 

Now Kiev has gone so far as to allege Western media is a tool in Russia's "hybrid war" against Ukraine, with the Ukrainian defense ministry issuing this statement about today's report in The Independent that Kiev may have been planning to join the war against ISIS:

"The reports that have appeared in certain media about the alleged possible involvement of Ukraine's Armed Forces against Islamic State [Daesh] in Syria are another example of disinformation and the hybrid war being waged against Ukraine," the ministry said in a statement, ruling out any military involvement in Syria or Iraq.

The Ukrainians were not forthcoming about what exactly Moscow supposedly would have to gain from planting such a story in Western media. But the term qui bono? is obviously absent from Ukrainian Newspeak. For if it were there, Ukrainians would know exactly who is responsible for the last 2 years of death and destruction in Ukraine. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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