Ukraine Expresses Condolences to France in Bad Faith with a Bad Mouth (Video)

The Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada compares innocent victims in Nice to his commandos sowing death in Donbass

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The victims of Ukraine’s state terrorism at Donbass

Whenever Ukraine’s Parliament Speaker Andrei Parubyi speaks, it usually makes people laugh. He can’t recite the alphabet, so watching him moderate debates in the legislature is both strange and cruel fun.

Normally it’s bad taste to mock an individual’s biological defects for which he can’t be blamed. But isn’t it incredibly bad taste for a statesman to couple words of condolences for innocent men, women and children killed in Nice by a maniac possessed with radical Islamist ideas, with words of sympathy for Ukrainian commandos with radical nationalist ideas trying to shell innocent men, women and children in Donbass into their idea of a ‘European choice’?

By all human standards, it is an affront to common sense and elementary human dignity that Parubyi, one of the chief instigators of the coup that provoked a civil war in the country, occupies one of Ukraine’s top positions and speaks to the world in the name of his country.

Is this what the ‘Revolution of Dignity’ was all about?

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