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Ukraine Defaults on Loan, Russia Will Sue for $3 Billion

Yet strangely, not a whisper from the West about Ukraine defaulting on a 3 billion euro obligation loan. Apparently it's only a default if the loan was made by Western banks

Originally appeared at RAPSI

MOSCOW, December 21 (RAPSI) – Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, ordered his staff to hire lawyers in order to prepare a lawsuit against Ukraine, demanding return of the $3 billion debt, including the fine that Ukraine now owes Russia, RIA Novosti reported on Monday.

Medvedev expressed the opinion that Ukraine will refuse to pay its debt to Russia. According to Medvedev, it’s evident that Ukrainian policies are based on violation and ignorance of international laws and obligations.

“On December 20 the time given to Ukraine for repayment of $3 billion in euro obligations expired. This means that financial default took place, it’s judicial and, if you will, a historic fact”, Medvedev said.

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