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Ukraine Bans 140 Russian Cultural Fiigures From Entering the Country

They might do something remind Ukrainians they are the same people as Russians

The list of Russian cultural figures banned from entering Ukraine includes nearly 140 people, Ukrainian State Security Service (SBU) said in an official statement published by The Ukrainian parliament, Verkhovna Rada, deputy Olga Chervakova on Nov. 4.

"Ukraine’s State Security Service banned nearly 140 Russian cultural figures from entering the country, including 50 of them who have been banned from entering since 3 December 2015," the document, dated October 29, 2016, said. The document signed by SBU head Vasily Gritsak says that the ban was imposed because the activities and statements of Russian cultural figures contradict Ukraine’s interests.

"I hope this will shut down the discussion about complete idleness of special services in this matter, along with the discussion on the necessity of introducing draft laws in the parliament that will not change anything," Chervakova wrote on her Facebook page.

Ukrainian Culture Ministry earlier published a list of 83 Russian and world cultural figures who Kiev authorities think present a threat to the country’s national security. Among those on the "blacklist" are directors Karen Shakhnazarov and Pavel Lungin; musicians Alexander Rozenbaum, Sergey Penkin, Nikolay Rastorguyev; actors Vasily Lanovoy, Valentin Gaft, Oleg Tabakov, Valentina Talyzina, Valentina Telichkina, Natalya Varley; singers Lev Leschenko, Iosif Kobzon; and many others.

Fred Durst, frontman of U.S. band Limp Bizkit, and boxer Roy Jones Jr were also put on the list. 

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