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The Ukraine and Yugoslavia Wars: 8 Similarities


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

1.       Failed States: Yugoslavia and Ukraine were both to some extent artificial countries made up of many different nationalities that never developed a single identity.  Both were dysfunctional and eventually became failed states.

2.       Religious Wars:  In Yugoslavia war was Orthodox versus Catholic and Muslims.  In Ukraine it is Russian Orthodox versus Uniates and schismatic Orthodox. Many Orthodox churches are destroyed and clergymen killed in the Eastern Ukraine in the last few months (see my article).

3.       WW2 Roles Repeated:  In Yugoslavia anti-Nazi Serbs versus pro Nazi Croats and Bosnian Muslims; in Ukraine anti-Nazi easterners versus pro Nazi westerners.

4.       Ethnic Cleansing:  A single national identity in a given area - an ethnically cleansed Croatia and Kosovo in Yugoslavia and a Ukrainian unitary state where everyone speaks Ukrainian and is Ukrainian.

Serbian civilians’ exodus from Croatia, August 1995.

5.       The West Backs One Side:  In both conflicts the West sides with one side - Croats/Bosnians/Kosovars in Yugoslavia, westerners in Ukraine – and puts all the blame on the other – Serbs in Yugoslavia and easterners in Ukraine.

6.         In both conflicts the West follows a double standard supporting self-determination by the side it favours (Croats/Bosnians/Albanians from Yugoslavia, western Ukrainians from the Soviet Union) whilst denying it to the side it opposes (Serbs from today’s Croatia and Bosnia, Crimeans and easterners from Ukraine).

7.       In both conflicts the West misrepresents a civil war between communities by blaming an imaginary “foreign aggressor”: Serbia in Yugoslavia, Russia in Ukraine, attributing to each mythical plans for a “Greater Serbia” and to recreate the Soviet Union.

8.         In both conflicts the side the West favours claims to be making a "civilisational choice" for Europe and the West against the "dark corrupted East" supposedly represented by the other side.

Excerpted from an in-depth article which recently appeared in The Oriental Review.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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