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UK Foreign Secretary Acting Like a Violent Drug Addict Says Putin Acts Like a Wife Beater (Video)

Because Britain is a stalwart defender of human dignity, as it has been throughout its history

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Following up Vladimir Putin's decision to begin withdrawing forces from Syria, one would think the West, which has been throwing a fit ever since the first Russian sortie threw into doubt the exceptional status of the Americans and Western Europeans as sole arbiters others' affairs, would be relieved and grateful. We have seen words of cautious optimism from the likes of John Kerry and several European foreign ministers. Not so the British.

A petulant young hobbit which has been allowed to pose as a member of parliament asked a leading question to Philip Hammond on whether they ought to be pleased by Russia's decision to pull back in Syria. Hammond gave a response which in all its brevity, was so laced with total falsehoods and baseless charges, that it beggars belief:  

Listening to these arrogant snobs, you suddenly realize Freud knew what he was talking about with his theory of psychological projection. 

Let's start with the question:

...any war crimes they may have committed...

Britain's support for the war in Syria is a contravention of the UN charter and every person killed since the beginning of the war is a murder to be laid at Britain's (and America's) doorstep as far as I am concerned.

Now let's look at Hammond.

Somebody goes in to another country, starts bombing civilian populations, destroying hospitals and schools.

What, you mean like the UK did not only in Syria but in Libya and Iraq. And in Serbia....but for the sake of time I suppose I should leave previous centuries of British crimes out of this. 

If they decide they have done enough, let's not give them too much praise. It's a bit like 'did he stop beating his wife.

And if the UK ever stops backing barbaric Islamic jihadists in Syria, I guess it'd be a bit like 'did he stop getting high on crack cocaine, savagely and randomly attacking others because of his own paranoid delusions of grandeur and then blaming all of his own violent acts on those around him.' 

Yeah, something like that.

The fact they are there in the first place is something we have to continually protest about. We certainly should not give them any credit for simply withdrawing from these illegal activities.

Protest to whom? To the UN? To that vague entity the "international community" which only includes those select nations of the world which excuse Anglo-US crimes? 

There are only two sources of legitimacy for military action in Syria (or anywhere) under the current international system the world is supposed to be following: the United Nations Security Council and the government of the country concerned. The Western alliance has approval from neither for what it has done to Syria, which is monstrous. 

Russia on the other hand, attacked internationally recognized terrorists (the modern equivalent of pirates or brigands) at the invitation of the Syrian government. What Russia did is 100% totally legal, from any possible perspective.

Everything about Britain's role in Syria is totally illegal and the most egregious violation of international law. The pot calling the kettle black would be an understatement. 

The nation whose glorious history of empire includes, among other escapades, two wars to enforce the opium drug trade on China, an invasion of Crimea (then indisputably Russian) in order to make Europe safe for Muslim Turkish occupation, countless brutal suppressions of revolts and movements for freedom and self-determination across the globe, and culminating most recently, in the instigation and support of 5 years of butchery in Syria to remove that country's internationally recognized moderate government and replace it with medieval barbarians - this nation presumes to hold (along with its progeny turned master the USA) the moral heights from which it can judge and propound.

Russia's action in Syria can, if anything, be described as humanitarian and aimed at defending human life -- including thousands of Christians and moderate Muslims being massacred by ISIS which the UK and US have done nothing to stop. 

The British government is simply outraged that Russia is able to so cleanly and effortlessly leave a war, while they and the Americans get continually bogged down. That when Putin says 6 months, he means it. It must be infuriating to watch Vladimir Putin once again keep his word, humiliating his opponents (i.e., the immoral liars).  

Philip Hammond can congratulate himself that his government drove the wife beater out of Syria. He should award himself a Commander of the British Empire, if he can find it (the British Empire, that is). Or his conscience.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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