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Two Years Since Kiev Regime Started Killing Its Own People in Donbass (Video)

A memorial to the dead of Kiev's 'Anti-Terrorist Operation' has been dedicated

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It was two years ago that the first shells fell on the people of Donbass, fired by a neo-Nazi volunteer army which had come to kill "Russian aggressors." 

They came to crush the peaceful demonstrations of the people there against the violent overthrow of their democracy (as highly imperfect and corrupt as it was) and the trampling of the constitution of Ukraine. 

In other words, they came to crush dissent by armed force - that is, exactly what the Maidan rioters consistantly accused Yanukovich of wanting to do, or being about to do, but which he never did. But the coup-installed "acting president" Turchinov did not waste any time. 

Today it is clear that the people of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (not to mention Crimea) can never again safely live in the Ukrainian state which not only hates and slanders them, but wants to destroy their physical existence. 

And it is still not over. Despite the Minsk cease-fire, right-wing extremist Ukrainian militia continue open fire daily, flaunting the titular commander-in-chief in Kiev. 

For the two year anniversary, a memorial to the victims has been established in Donetsk region. Realtives of some of the victims - innocent women and children, as well as men - attended bearing portraits of their loved-ones lost. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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