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Ukrainian Politicians Revel in Death of Russian Pilot

And a nutjob millionaire says the Turkish pilot who killed him should be awarded the title 'Hero of Ukraine'

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally appeared at Svobodnya Pressa. Translated by Svetlana Kyrzhaly and Rhod Mackenzie

Ukrainian officials responded to the downing of a Russian bomber over Syria in their usual style. The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Alexander Turchinov approved the Turkish attack on the Russian plane, saying:

“The Ukrainian military should do the same to defend our country against aggression from the air.”

According to Turchynov,

Turkish forces "acted professionally, the way any civilized country should when its sovereign space is violated by another state’s war planes. Military violations of our airspace should be met by the same behavior on the part of our air force,” Turchinov said.

The Verkhovna Rada ( Ukrainian Parliament) "People's Front” deputy and coordinator of the group "Information Resistance”, Dmitry Tymchuk stated on live TV that

"the deterioration of relations between Russia and Turkey over the downed Su-24M is a plus for Ukraine. We need to recruit as many allies as possible, both in the region and in NATO, including for the long-term. - Until recently, Russia and Turkey had common economic and energy interests, but  the failure of Turkish Stream is a plus for Ukraine.”

Verkhovna Rada deputy Anton Gerashchenko, famous for collecting and publicizing personal data on Russian pilots for ISIS, wrote a sarcastic message on Facebook:

“Today the Turkish Air Force downed a Russian Su -24 so well that footage of the burning plane was on the front pages  of the world media. Did Mr Putin learn geography at school or did he skip those classes? Does he know that the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles are controlled by the Turks, which means they can be closed to Russian military and transport ships scurrying back and forth from the Crimea to Syria? What fun if Turkey did that!"

The Kiev millionaire, Gennady Balashov, who incidentally is being prosecuted by Russia for incitement to murder Russians and undermine Russia's gas transportation system, suggested that Pyotr Poroshenko  award the Hero of the Ukraine Medal to the Turkish pilots who shot down the Russian plane.

Postings by ordinary social media users are similar in their sarcasm and undisguised joy at the loss of the Russian aircraft and the death of Russian soldiers.

The same thing happened  after a Russian passenger plane was downed by a terrorist bomb over the Sinai, killing 224 people

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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