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Tucker Carlson Returns to Criticize Syria Bombing, Debates Professional Liar Jamie Kirchik

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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Update: In an article later today, RI's Patrick Fleming analyzes one of Kirchick's lies in detail, showing how brazen the man is: Unpacking an Obscene Jamie Kirchik Lie to Tucker Carlson about the Syria Gassing Hoax

There has been some speculation that last week's Syria bombing was deliberately scheduled for AFTER Tucker Carlson's show on Friday evening. It ends at 9pm, and the bombings literally started at 9.30. Carlson is only on weeknights, so this would give the war gang a full 48 hours respite before the onslaught of the 1-man demolition crew that Carlson has become.

I've mentioned before that Carlson has trouble getting anyone of serious stature to come on his show to defend this, because the facts are so embarrassing that anyone who does ends up looking like a liar, but there are always some willing to do it, because a) they have no compunction about being revealed as liars, and b) they are b-list enough that they figure this will burnish their credentials somehow, if only in the sense that they will earn points with their ideological brothers in arms, taking one 'for the cause', in this case the cause being neocon induced world chaos and war.

Such a man is Jamie Kirchick, who has made a career in journalism of making himself available for such assignments. A diminutive homosexual 'activist', Jewish fire-breathing neocon, and notorious Russia foe, he is almost a parody of the type, and a symbol of everything that is wrong with the beltway foreign policy crowd and their allies in the media. Carlson has done a great service by shining some light on this particular specimen of degeneracy from Washington's ugly underbelly.

It is well worth watching Kirchick's performance here carefully. To lie with such smooth assurance requires a kind of demonic abandon. He states repeatedly that Assad gassed his people, knowing that Carlson will counter that he is lying about this, which is true, but Kirchick never flinches. Kirchick then goes full Elie Wiesel, inferring that Carlson is peddling conspiracy theories about the US government orchestrating false flags, and asks him if he also doubts the holocaust (inferring he is a Jew-hater) or the moon landings. At this point Carlson could have smoked the kid, but for whatever reason let it pass.

It is precisely because of this relentless and gratuitous use of the holocaust story by Jews to attack anyone criticizing them about anything, that has made holocaust doubt and denial go mainstream. Kirchick doesn't realize it, but he is helping destroy the holocaust story.

This is good TV, check it out if you have a strong stomach.

If this video goes dead, search Youtube for the exchange or Tucker's show. You will be sure to find it. Interesting that Fox News did not put this segment on their YouTube channel.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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