Tucker Carlson Keeps Trashing Neocon Policy, Russia Hysteria - WATCH THIS

This as become a regular occurence. 2-3 times a week Carlson mauls the folks pushing Russiagate and related insanity.  It's a sign of the public mood.

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We keep repeating ourselves, but the mood has definitely changed in the USA, when you have the guy with the most popular news show in the country regularly hammering away on themes you would have to come to Russia Insider to hear just few short months ago.

It's obvious to him, and millions of Americans, how ridiculous the whole Russia hysteria is. That's a good thing.

This time, The Tuck has a military officer on to explain to folks that Russiagate is ridiculous, as are the sanctions, as is the neocon war in Syria.

So cheer up Russia watchers - it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

Another fun thing about the Tuck, is that he has a trademark laugh, which he regularly unleashes on his guests when they are being ridiculous.

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