Tucker Carlson Explores the Russia-Hating Heart of Hollywood Royalty (Rob Reiner)

Hollywood heavy Rob Reiner can't really explain why he's hating on Russia so hard

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Reiner is still a 'Meathead', after all these years

Rob Reiner is Hollywood royalty. His dad is the 95 year old Carl Reiner, a Hollywood kingmaker, comedian, mega-producer, and all around heavy-hitter.

Rob has created some of the funnier moment in American cinema - for years he played the Lefty son-in-law 'Meathead' opposite his conservative, bigoted father-in-law, Archie Bunker in 'All in the Family', and he wrote, directed, and acted in 'This is Spinal Tap' one of the funniest movies ever made.

And now he's pushing a national ad he made, along with a bunch of B-team neocons, (and James Clapper), that is inciting war with Russia. Yesterday I wrote about how it is already backfiring - bigly.

Reiner is good in this rope-a-dope with Carlson from last night. Carlson keeps trying to land punches, and Reiner is just a big lovable teddy bear, except that he is spewing hatred and inciting WW3. All in all Carlson wins in a TKO, but Reiner holds his own.

An enlightening excursion into the Russia-hating core of the Hollywood establishment. 

Here is Reiner's ad, featuring Morgan Freeman, being destroyed by Paul Joseph Watson:

Here is Reiner playing Meathead, classic stuff:

Here's a scene from Spinal Tap:

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