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The Truth about Vladimir Putin and the FBI

"It takes two to argue and Putin never argues. He explains his beliefs as if he were a philosophy professor. Persuasively. Logically."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Looking at the hysteria and demonization concerning Russian President Putin you may as a rational human being wonder..."Why is this all being done? Does he really deserve this?"

Witness the outcry over the meeting he had with Trump recently in Helsinki. The powers that be were hoping for a confrontation not a civilized discussion. As a result, President Trump caught a lot of flack for being too friendly once again "proving" there is genuine cause for the Mueller probe. But besides Donald Trump the real target of the FBI Mueller investigation is Vladimir Putin and what he represents: Peaceful Co-existence.

So what is really going on here?

The caption reads: 'Onwards Russia!'

It is obvious that Putin poses a threat to the most powerful - the King makers behind the Imperial throne if you will. These string-pullers have been dividing the lower classes through Division for hundreds of years. And it's always the same game: Divide and Conquer. In order to maintain power and prevent revolt they have always set group against group among the lower classes. Instead of rising up against "Them", the manipulated masses kill each other.

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This is also done internationally. "They" sow division among countries to make sure any competition is eliminated before it challenges the status-quo run by "Them". War will be declared on the threat and justified by fabricated evidence and propaganda supporting the great cause!

Putin however is too smart. He offers good-will to every nation even though they may be hostile to Russia. It takes two to argue and Putin never argues. He explains his beliefs as if he were a philosophy professor. Persuasively. Logically.

This is not what "They" want or expect. It's pure Taoism and Confucianism. Putin you see is also a devoted student of Oriental Philosophy. He has, no doubt, read Lao-Tzu who said - if I may paraphrase- "a leader must be like a tree that bends so it does not break". Put up strong opposition and you will be broken. Bend and you will survive to bend again. .

This is why Putin drives Russian nationalists crazy because he does not fight back hard against the many provocations - from Georgia to Ukraine to sanctions. They say that Putin has no back-bone! Well, he does...but it bends.

The second important thing about Putin is that he was and still is "foreign service material". What I mean by that is his moral compass. For foreign service,the old KGB not only recruited highly intelligent people, but highly moral ones as well. Not because they were an ethical organization, but because they knew morally weak candidates would be subject to temptations galore offered by the other side. Being a man of character Putin cannot be bought or otherwise tempted and this makes "Them" furious.

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Ergo "They" constantly use their obedient media to denigrate him by referring to him as a former KGB agent and therefore devious, thuggish and prone to espionage. No one can prove he actually meddled in American elections yet this is somehow proof of how diabolical he is! No proof becomes irrefutable proof.

Thirdly. Vladimir Putin is genuinely Russian Orthodox. Why is this significant? Well, as the great Russian Orthodox writer Dostoevsky once wrote: the biggest problem and danger in the world is Division. The antidote to this spiritual illness is "Sobornost" - togetherness.

This may explain why there is a steady stream of foreign dignitaries coming to Moscow month after month. Competitors and also enemies are coming to someone who seems to be working on bringing rivals together. Putin is even trying to pull Israel into the mix. "They" really hate that.

After all, Israel is the key to maintaining Division in the Middle East. And plenty of money is to be made there through Division and war.

The Deep State has many components all working in concert. One of these - the FBI - is currently making it clear that Vladimir Putin is their "public enemy #1". He's in good company here because Martin Luther King Jr - the great peacemaker - was also reviled and hated by this very same FBI. It's leader at the time, J. Edgar Hoover, branded King - also a deeply religious man- "the most notorious liar". Lacking any proof, Hoover had his team fabricate some.

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Well ... at least they're consistent.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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