Trumpster Doubles Down on Russia Position in Weekend Tweet Blitz

The Trumpinator is not backing down

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President-elect Donald Trump had a tweet-filled weekend - to the certain consternation of his opponents.

In the midst of the continuing mainstream media barrage against Trump and Russia, Mr. Trump reiterated his stance on improving relations with Moscow, saying anyone who wanted conflict with the nuclear power would have to be stupid or a fool:

A controversy also erupted over an intelligence briefing given to the president-elect on Friday, presenting supposed evidence of Russian hacking attacks on the United States. Trump issued a written statement following the meeting which declined to specifically blame Russia for the DNC leaks.

Then in two tweets he slammed the intel agencies for leaking the report to NBC while he claimed showing the intel to him had been delayed from Tuesday to Friday:

Trump continued the tweet blitz into Monday morning, among other things, denouncing the mainstream media as "fake":

And ladies and gentleman, this is just the pre-game show. 

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