Trump’s UN Speech Reveals US Subservience to Israel and Saudis

It was many things to many men, but there was no mistaking the key note: America's foreign policy is not its own

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The way to deal with a Donald Trump speech these days is to direct a sandblaster at it for a couple of minutes to blow off all the platitudes, BS, button pushing, and sub-Churchilian rhetoric, and then stand back from the dust to see what is left.

Chief of Staff John Kelly during the speech. We feel ya Bro ...

Sometimes nothing is left.

His recent, big speech at the UN, however, left a couple of rocks and a few pebbles.

Some of you probably liked some of the things he said about “a great reawakening of nations” or his gentle critique of “mammoth multinational trade deals” that turned out to be bad for the middle class.

Sorry. That got blown away with the other fluff.

So, what was left?

Mainly a couple of big rants directed at Iran and North Korea and a mid-sized rant directed at Venezuela, and a snide comment or two aimed at Cuba (but that might just have been button pushing for his friends down in Miami).

Trump’s position on Iran and North Korea is the most interesting point, as these countries in effect represent an “anti-Saudi Arabia” and an “anti-Israel,” or pinata stand-ins that we are supposed to loathe in lieu of the originals.

While Trump nodded in the general direction of a lot of U.S. allies, there were few problems with this. Countries like Britain, France, and Poland are reasonably respectable in Normiespace. However, Israel and Saudi Arabia are definitely problematic.

Here on the Alt-Right, there is plenty of understanding and even occasional sympathy for the project of an Ashkenazi ethnostate set in the heartland of a hostile civilization.

But in Normiespace, this looks a lot like colonial repression, or, if you are an ex-member of a 1970s supergroup, “Nazi-like genocide,” and that’s even without going into the fact that Israel was the first true rogue nuclear state; one whose continued possession and Middle Eastern monopoly of nukes permanently undercuts any argument that North Korea shouldn’t have nukes when two of its immediate neighbours do.

Seriously, even without Saruman, how does this not look pure evil. That is basically a real picture minus the wizard!

Likewise Saudi Arabia.

What makes this even funnier is how hard Trump originally ran against the Sauds, who, it is well known, were joined to the Bush family at the hip. Now it looks like they have grabbed Trump by the pussy.

One laugh-out-loud moment of Trump’s speech was when he said:

It is a massive source of embarrassment to the United Nations that some governments with egregious human rights records sit on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Surely he didn’t mean his Saudi friends, as elsewhere in the speech he mentioned Saudi Arabia and then said:

The United States and our allies are working together throughout the Middle East to crush the loser terrorists and stop the reemergence of safe havens they use to launch attacks on all of our people.

The inherent awkwardness that is created when America rubs up so closely to a medieval tyrannical monarchy, where human rights are shat down the toilet almost as regularly as shit, and a “rogue nuclear” ethnostate is exactly why Trump’s speech, along with so much of America’s foreign policy posturing, relies on the false bogeymen of Iran and North Korea. They have obvious utility.

Instead of worrying about a rogue nuclear state intensely disliked by its neighbours, which just happens to be a U.S. ally, the wider public is encouraged to worry about a rogue nuclear state feared by some of its neighbours, which isn’t a U.S. ally.

Instead of worrying about a tyrannical Islamist state constantly supporting terrorist groups in adjacent countries, which just happens to be a U.S. ally, the geopolitically illiterate public is encouraged to worry about a semi-democratic Islamist state occasionally supporting rebel groups and militia in adjacent countries.

Now, listening to some of the tough talk that Trump spouted, some naive souls may think that Trump is banging the war drum with regard to these two countries. Otherwise why would he mention them in these terms?

Well, by mentioning them in this sub-Bushian “Axis of Evil” way, they have already served their function as the “anti-Saudi Arabia” and “anti-Israel,” namely devices to precisely and economically obfuscate America’s own ugly alliance system, built on petrodollar politics and the manipulation of its political processes by Jewish donor money.

Therefore there is no actual need to attack them, and given their respective military power and geographical positions that would definitely not work out well for the World economy or America’s overrated military.

So, in short, Trump’s speech reveals America’s subservience to Israel and Saudi Arabia, and its general impotence, which of course might be a problem, as no one needs to demonstrate strength as much as a fading silverback.

This could account for the increasing focus on tinpot Latin American countries, the only kind of country where the American military can be guaranteed a relatively easy military victory without the blowback that attacks on Middle Eastern countries or North Korea would inevitably unleash.

Watch out, Maduro, you are the logical top of Trump’s military hit list.


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