Trump to Zuck: You're Just Part of the Fake News Russiagate 'Hoax'

He's right

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One of the more perverse aspects of Zuckerberg's creepy appearance last night in a livestream, where many commented on how nervous he seemed, was his referral to 'Russian meddling in our democracy', as if it was an accepted fact.

The biggest and least successful lie ever to be sold to the American public

It is not, and that is part of the scam. The president of the United States correctly understands this, and said so when he rolled out of bed this morning.

Here is an excellent explanation of the scam, and Zuckerberg's all-around weirdness from RI this morning.

Trump has cucked on and betrayed nearly every campaign promise he made. At least he's holding firm on denouncing the Russia lie - for now.



Some funny answers ensued in the reply thread:



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