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Trump Wants Russia to Carry out His Syria Policy for Him. Fat Chance

It didn't work with China and it's really not going to work with Russia

When Trump met Chinese leader Xi last month he had a simple proposal for him: why don't you carry out my North Korea policy for me? 

He knew exactly what he wanted it, he wanted it regardless of what China thought, and—as the cherry on top—he wanted China to make it all happen for him.




From what is available publicly this has been exactly his approach in speaking to Lavrov about Syria yesterday. According to the White House Trump spoke of "the need for Russia to rein in the Assad regime, Iran, and Iranian proxies."

Well here's a newsflash, Russia isn't in Syria to carry out America's policies. It may be Trump's opinion these forces need to be "reigned in" but that may be or may not be Russia's view. In fact seeing how they're arming, training, advising and fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with them it wouldn't appear that's what the Russians think at all.

If Trump "needs" something done he can offer concessions or try doing it himself, because Russia doesn't need to do anything.

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