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Trump, Vile and Red-haired

America deserves to have a fat cat for President. Mendacious Hillary is worse


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a famous Russian writer and extreme left wing political activist. Born in 1943, he emigrated to the United States in 1974 where he spent 6 years before moving to France and then back to Russia in 1991

The hero of the rednecks and other reactionary parts of the American electorate Donald Trump managed to fend off all opposition and impose himself. He got 53% of Republican votes at the Indiana primary while his closest rival, Ted Cruz got 37%. 

This was the day when even the ‘senior members’ of the Republican Party, including the Republican National Committee Chairman with the incredible Ancient Roman name of Reince Priebus (!!!) called upon the party to consolidate around Trump: “Donald Trump is the virtual nominee of the Republican Party. We all need to join forces to defeat Hillary Clinton”. 

That was Trump’s second pleasure that day: the first was when his rival in the Republican primary, Ted Cruz, ended his campaign. 

The blond reprobate turned out to be a courteous opponent. He responded to Cruz’s departure with praise for his defeated enemy: “He’s one hell of a competitor. He is a tough, smart guy — and he has got an amazing future. What Ted did is really a very brave thing to do. We all want to bring unity to the Republican party”.  

It would be more in Trump’s style to mock his defeated rival, but in the fight for the presidency against Hillary Clinton he needs every single vote.

In pursuit of the same goal – to attract everyone without distinction - Trump messed with Russian planes as well, suggesting simply shooting them down for warmongering  voters. But don’t be fooled, Trump is one hell of a beast and in his patriotism, crazy enough to start a hot confrontation with us.

None of the American nominees is our friend. But we watch what is going on in this country, which is still the strongest in the world. This time it’s a really exciting fight for the presidency, an unprecedented one. 

Now Trump can sleep the sleep of a person who has talked his fill, screamed his fill; the sleep of a tired actor playing the best part in the best possible show ever. 

Apparently, this time, finally, the President of the US will be an openly hard-core bloodsucker-billionaire, a moneybag, who has probably descended to falsehood in his career. He’s not a saint, for sure. 

Do you remember that moneybags tried to become presidents in America before? I’m thinking of Ross Perot who was kept out by both political parties, two hydras watching the President’s office. 

But it took some time before black people battled their way to the presidency. There were black presidential nominees before Obama but only the third black candidate in America’s history succeeded in becoming president.

I want the Clintoness to be defeated at the elections in this hostile country. She is full of lies, deceitful from head to toe.  She reminds me of about two dozen Russian women who nauseate me.

And so, a victory to the rude red.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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