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Trump Train Crushes Globalists in Europe, Aids Russia - Italy The Latest Example

The Italian vote is another nail in the coffin of globalists - they are definitely on the run

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi is the very epitome of a globalist puppet.  The fact that he was forced to resign yesterday after Italy's weekend referendum is proof positive that the globalists are on the run all across Europe.

From Sprott Money, a leading investment advocate for gold and precious metals:

This trend is unfolding now at a rapid pace and is one that is not going to stop anytime soon, much to the globalists' disappointment.

Brexit, followed by the victory of Donald Trump and now the defeat of Renzi's constitutional referendum bill that has seen him resign, is highlighting the reality we now live in, a reality in which people are waking up at a rate never before seen in our world history.

People are sick and tired of being ruled over by an elite few, pulling the strings of our hand-picked prime ministers and presidents. The people want change, as it is blatantly obvious that the push towards globalism has done nothing to enrich the lower and middle class people of the world.

This fact should be celebrated by all, as this is the very same group of people who have manipulated our markets, including precious metals, and instilled the horribly flawed fiat money system that we are now forced to operate under.

Expect more of the same in France, Holland, Spain, and quite possibly, even Germany, where Angela Merkel has so infuriated her citizens with her cock-eyed migrant policies, that her position also is no longer secure.

All this is supreme vindication for Russia, who in many ways, is the rock upon which the globalists initially foundered.  It is quite likely that Russia will benefit from a very positive attitude towards her in the coming years as populists across the continent extend her a welcome hand.



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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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