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Avoid Open Motorcades and Grassy Knolls Mr. Trump! - George Galloway (Video)

A top British politician berates his government's intelligence agencies for meddling in the American elections

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

George Galloway is a top UK politician with a TV show on RT.  In cozy fireside chat he explains that progressives and liberals are in an odd alliance with the Military Industrial Complex in an attempt to smear Trump using false accusations.  Galloway is good, as usual.

Transcript follows below.

I'm George Galloway and I want to talk to you about Donald Trump, the President-elect of the United States, about Russia and about the state of mass-hysteria that exists on both sides of the Atlantic.

It turns out that it was Britain who was interfering in the American presidential elections, not Russia. At least, I've seen no evidence that Russia was but there's plenty of evidence emerging about the British role.

The press conference of Donald Trump in Washington yesterday was marked by kind of hysteria about a dossier. A very interesting file which had been compiled by a British intelligence agent.

I can't mention his name or they’ll have to kill me though it's easily accessible on the internet. He is said to be a retired British intelligence official although i'm not sure that they ever really retire from the service, anyway, he wrote a report containing the most fantastical, weird and wonderful stories about Donald Trump's conduct in Russia and in particular in a hotel in Moscow.

I won't go into the details in case children or old ladies are watching this. But suffice to say, it went to the character of Donald Trump and to his moral standing.

It turned out that the dossier has been passed to the United States through a former British Ambassador to Moscow. That former Ambassador has not yet been identified but can only be one of seven such former ambassadors. And that former Ambassador gave it to the leader of the war party in Washington, Senator John McCain, who will not be happy until mushroom clouds are again sprouting in the world. And McCain gave it to the head of the FBI.

The CIA put it in a security briefing in which they either did, as they say, or didn't, as Trump says, present it to President-elect Trump when the heads of the spy agency's met him a few days ago.

Now, this dossier fell apart very quickly. It was filled with glaring schoolboy howlers - people's names were spelled wrongly, names of companies were spelled wrongly, people were misidentified in terms of the positions that they held. People were accused of attending meetings in cities in countries that they had never in fact ever visited and could prove that they were elsewhere in the United States at a baseball game, i think, at the time.

So, it has been quite widely discredited, but not before it was cascading around the world thanks to right-wing media organizations like CNN and BuzzFeed, and picked up by virtually every newspaper and network in the world, so, on the principle that some people believe there's no smoke without fire and the mud sticks, even when it has no right to, Trump has been severely diminished and degraded by the dossier produced by the British.

Now, in 1925 something called the Zinoviev letter helped to bring down the first ever Labour government in Britain. It purported to be a letter from the Russian head of the Comintern, Gregory Zinoviev, to his lieutenants in the British Labour movement, giving them their marching orders and in particular encouraging them to acts of sedition within the British armed forces. This brought down the Labour Prime Minister even though it was, quite quickly actually, proved to be a forgery that had been produced by, you guessed it, British Intelligence.

That brought down the Prime Ministership of Ramsay MacDonald and this one is aimed at another Donald: Donald Trump.

Now just for the avoidance of doubt: I'm not happy that Donald Trump is the president of the United States; that should have been Bernie Sanders, but I'm very happy indeed that Hillary Clinton is not to be the president of the United States and if Donald Trump were to live up to his flagship policy of reducing tensions with Russia, of turning the volume down on the anti-Russian hysteria of these last few years, that he'd be doing the world a big favor.

And what I believe is happening here is a kind of soft coup d'etat probably not to stop Trump taking the oath of office in less than a week, because that's a pretty forlorn hope, and would in any case probably produce civil war in America, but to cut him off at the knees, to put him into a political corner so that he feels intimidated about pursuing his rapprochement with Moscow.

Now, the signs are, early signs, that some of his lieutenants, in very powerful positions: Secretary of State, Designate for Defense, even Secretary of State Tillerson himself, the signs are that this intimidation is working.

On the other hand Trump was so robust in his press conference and so hostile to these Intelligence Services spy agencies that are trying to put them in this corner that it remains an open question whether Trump’s going to have the guts to follow through. If he does, then frankly, there's a clear and present danger upon his life.

If I were him, I wouldn't be going near any grassy knolls, I wouldn't be on any motorcades in Dallas or anywhere else, I wouldn't be traveling in an open-top car because the coalition which is assembling in Washington on the Potomac against Trump is not only the usual suspect; it's not only the Military Industrial Complex that General Eisenhower, Republican President of the past, warned us about them overweening power, it's not only the spy agencies who killed political opponents from Patrice Lumumba through Salvador Allende, Diem in Vietnam, and many others.  It's not only even the war party personified by Senator John McCain.

They've been joined by a new element which is particularly virulent indeed; and that new element is people who at least until now would have been defining themselves as liberals, as on the left, as progressive, so hostile to Trump are they that they have begun embracing the worst people in the world: the David Frums, the John McCain's.  They have embraced the CIA that once upon a time they would have known are their natural predators.

And that bizarre coalition of the War Party, the Liberals, the spy agencies, the Military Industrial Complex, which stands to lose almost everything if tension in the world, and war in the world, becomes a thing of the past.  That is a very toxic and dangerous coalition.

So, I'd be very careful if I was President Trump about my personal security.  I think I’d have to employ guards to guard the guards.

But assuming Trump  survives, assuming nothing stops him mounting that platform in less than a

week from now as he takes the oath of office if he follows through on his campaign pledges, IF, and it's a big if, imagine letters 10 foot tall: I-F, IF, if he does, well, he might actually change the course of history.

Because it was a wish amongst wide sections of the American population not to go to war with Russia, not to be on the side of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and to stop the de-industrialization, the de-skilling, the exporting of factories of jobs from America, from the rustbelt states that gave Trump his victory. If he follows through on their aspiration, if he follows the kind of policies that Bernie Sanders is projecting, well, Trump may turn out to be unexpectedly a good thing.

But if he doesn't if he succumbs, not to the blackmail of the Russians, but to the blackmail of the deep state in his own country, well, my goodness, we are in for a turbulent roller coaster over the next four years, maybe eight years.

My last word is this: the British Intelligence Services, instead of interfering in other people's elections, should be guarding our people, our society, and our political system’s integrity. And as you saw from my last video, on the activities of the Israeli Embassy in London, hard evidence of interference in our democratic political process by a foreign power, on behalf of a rogue state, the British Intelligence will be better paying attention to protecting, us from that, yes, and from the threats that are abroad and even some within, against our people and against our interests.

So I'll never find myself in bed with the CIA, with John McCain, I'll never find myself in bed with MI6.

We’ll talk about this again, sometime, I’m sure.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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