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Trump Restores Millions in Funding for Syria False Flags

Trump has approved $6.6 million for world's most famous acting troupe, the White Helmets

Expect more staged gas attacks / massacres of kittens / bombings of puppy shelters soon

According to the US State Department, President Trump has signed off on the release of $6.6 million for Syria’s White Helmets, an NGO that operates as a rescue group in certain rebel-held parts of the country.

The White Helmets falsely claims it gets no funding from the US government. In reality the organization gets about 1/3 of its funding from the State Department. This is important because the White Helmets are often the lone source of questionable allegations which support US government allegations against the Syrian government.

<figcaption>Their US funding was frozen in April</figcaption>
Their US funding was frozen in April
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Funding for the White Helmets was part of $200 million the Trump Administration froze in April. In May, the State Department said the funding was under “active review.” The funding freeze was done amid President Trump’s talk of withdrawing from Syria.

The State Department announcement that they were unfreezing the $6.6 million came with a statement that they “strongly support” the White Helmets. Officials did not say what would happen to the rest of the $200 million.


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