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Is Trump Ready to Join Israel in Launching War Against Iran and Syria?

"What is it going to take for Christians and conservatives to snap out of this war fever? What is it going to take for them to give up this ignoble infatuation with Zionist Israel?"

The author is a prominent American Christian conservative who was a presidential candidate for the paleoconservative Constitution Party in 2008, when he was endorsed by Ron Paul.  

He is the pastor of Liberty Fellowship, a non-denominational church in Montana, and a popular radio host and columnist.

Christian neocon-basher

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He is a relentless foe of neoconservatism and frequently criticizes the neocon hostility towards Russia.  His views are representative of an influential and substantial part of Trump's popular support.

Here is an archive of his excellent articles which we have published on Russia Insider, when they were relevant to the debate over Russia.

In this column on March 29, I warned the American people of Donald Trump’s intentions to take America into another unconstitutional foreign war—this one with Iran and Syria.

Does anyone really believe that Syria was behind the latest gas attack in that country? Does anyone seriously believe that Syria was behind the previous gas attack in that country a year ago? For that matter, does anyone truly believe that Syria was behind the gas attack of its own people back in 2013?

Think about it: The U.S. military has been actively engaged in a surreptitious effort to overthrow the Syrian government for years. The U.S. government—along with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain—created, supported, and funded ISIS with the intention of overthrowing President Assad. After the last gas attack, President Trump bombed Syria in “retaliation.” The U.S. government is looking for any excuse to destroy the Syrian government (and Iran’s). And just as Trump is talking about removing troops from Syria, Assad decides to launch another gas attack against his own people? You must be kidding! Only the most naïve people on the planet would believe such a cock and bull story.

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Now, Trump has canceled a trip abroad in order to formulate a “response” to Syria. We all know what that “response” is going to be: war. Warmonger John Bolton has been on the job as the new National Security Adviser for less than 96 hours, and Trump is already in the war room planning America’s next foreign war.

Everyone knows that it was Israel that launched those illegal airstrikes against Syria this week in what can only be regarded as the first wave of Israeli/U.S. airstrikes against Syria. The Israeli government has not even tried to deny it. And this comes on the heels of IDF soldiers murdering 20 unarmed (unless you count teenagers who throw stones and rocks at combat soldiers who are wearing body armor and carrying machine guns as being “armed”) Palestinian protesters (many of them shot in the back by Israeli snipers) a few days ago.

The only reason the United States (and Israel) can get by with these unconstitutional and unconscionable acts of aggression in the Middle East is because the vast majority of evangelical Christians who put the warmongering politicians in office have been propagandized to believe that these wars for Israel are “holy” wars. They believe that the Rothschild Zionist State of Israel is a reincarnated Biblical Israel. They further believe that this reincarnated Israel is divinely appointed to have all of the land that God gave to Old Testament Israel under the Abrahamic Covenant. But as theologian Adam Clarke (1760 - 1832) wrote in his commentary on the Abrahamic Covenant in Genesis 15:18, “This promise was fully accomplished in the days of David and Solomon.” And so it was. But because Christians have been brainwashed by Scofieldism, they believe that wars fought against any Arab country—no matter how unconstitutional, no matter how illegal, no matter how murderous, no matter how aggressive, no matter how horrific—are in accordance with “God’s plan for Israel” and, therefore, divinely justified.

It is of no concern to these misguided Christians how many of their own Christian brothers and sisters are being slaughtered by the U.S. and Israeli militaries in these wars. It is of no concern to them how many innocent men, women, and children of all faiths are being killed in these wars. It is of no concern to them that global nuclear war could break out at any time as a result of these wars. They think these are “holy” wars. They also believe that before American cities melt in a nuclear Armageddon they are going to be “raptured” to heaven and escape all of the consequences of their misinterpreted Biblical prophecies and mindless political perversions.

If America’s Christians were not so blinded by faux-Israel and false theology about Israel, they would be able to see the world (especially the Middle Eastern world) in a MUCH different light.

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For example, Syrian Christians love their President, Bashar al-Assad, and regard him as a true friend of their faith. They are also very knowledgeable about the globalist New World Order, and they probably have a greater understanding of the realities of American geopolitics than Americans do.

I urge folks to read this remarkable and revealing interview with a Syrian Christian woman who is also an American citizen:

A Syrian Christian Reveals What Is Really Happening In Syria

And speaking of global war, will Russia passively sit back and let Syria and Iran fall to the neocon/Zionist/globalist forces in the West?

Experts in international relations all over the world are warning that we are closer to global war today than we have ever been. They are trying to get the American people to see how the bellicose and belligerent attitudes emanating from Washington, D.C., these days have the potential to take the world into a global catastrophe. Tragically, hardly anyone in America is listening.

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In my own mind, I cannot conceive that President Putin will sit back and let Syria and Iran be taken out of the Russian political and economic orbit without a fight. Russia is already publicly promising that it will “immediately” respond if its troops in Syria are hit with what it believes are “likely” airstrikes from the United States. And if Russia makes the decision to directly challenge a U.S./Israeli war against Syria and Iran, you know that China will too.

And as I am writing this column, I saw a report from The Sun newspaper in Great Britain that quotes President Trump as tweeting, "Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’”

The Sun also shows how the U.S. and British militaries are poised to strike Syria:

*The Tomahawk-loaded carrier USS Donald Cook is sailing towards Syria.
*The nuke-launching Ohio Class submarines are ready to strike from the eastern Mediterranean.
*The USS Harry Truman, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is steaming through the Atlantic towards the Middle East.
*F22 Raptor fighter jets are ready to strike from Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.
*RAF Tornado fighter jets, British missile-launching war planes, are ready to strike from nearby Cyprus.

European air traffic controllers issued a "rapid alert" for airlines in the Eastern Mediterranean over the possibility of airstrikes into Syria within the next 72 hours. That alert was issued yesterday (Wednesday the 11th).

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The Sun continues: “Alexander Zasypkin, Russia's ambassador to Lebanon, said Putin would destroy American missiles if Washington carried out a retaliatory strike.

“‘If there is a strike by the Americans then...the missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired,’ he told Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV.

“Yevgeny Serebrennikov, deputy chairman of Moscow’s Defence Committee, also said Russia would respond ‘immediately’ to a US attack on Russia’s soldiers in Syria.”

It is clear that Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are willing to start World War III over Syria. THIS IS MADNESS! And it seems clearer and clearer to me that Donald Trump is a militaristic madman himself. And in typical psychopathic fashion, Trump is blaming someone else (the Democrats) for HIS decision to launch this war against Syria—and maybe Iran.

From the day Trump was elected, I tried to warn the American people of his militaristic propensities. Of course, I was laughed at, jeered, impugned, and denigrated for saying it. But here we are: on the precipice of World War III. And for what? To remove a democratically elected leader in a nation that has attacked NO ONE and that poses absolutely NO threat to the United States—or Israel, for that matter—and against whom there is NO evidence that he launched a gas attack against his own people.

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“Responding to Trump's tweet, a Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman said: ‘Smart missiles should fly towards terrorists, not a legal government.’

“The spokeswoman also reportedly said that US ‘smart missiles’ could be an attempt to destroy evidence of an alleged chemical attack on the ground.”

What is it going to take for Christians and conservatives to snap out of this war fever? What is it going to take for them to give up this ignoble infatuation with Zionist Israel? What is it going to take for them to start being Americans again and stop cheering for these warmongering politicians who believe the United States is some sort of glorified global cop?

I ask my conservative Christian brethren: Is THIS why you elected Donald Trump? Did you elect him to take our country into another unconstitutional foreign war? Did you elect him to start World War III? Did you elect him to ask America’s sons and daughters to be “prepared to die for the Jewish state [of Israel],” as General Richard Clark said?

When G.W. Bush was President, it seemed the deeper he took America into war, the more popular he became—at least with conservatives and Christians. Now, Trump seems to be following the same playbook—and with the same results.

God help us!

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