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Trump Poised to Order Syria Strikes. UK and France to Join In

Says decision to be made soon but all signs are decision will be to bomb

Trump has said he will decide on military attack against Syria in the next 24 to 48 hours but as and Charles "Jihad" Lister both correctly point out, everything White House officials have said so far points to Trump ordering strikes.

Administration officials say that President Trump will soon announce his decision on a response to Syria’s alleged chemical weapons attack. All signs point to Trump ordering military action against the Assad government, and everything side by officials today underscores that.

President Trump even suggested that the US might take measures against Russia over the attack, as other administration officials try to blame the Russians for the attack. Trump told reporters that Russia, Syria, and Iran may all “pay a price,” and that the US will ensure “everybody will.”

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Trump has issued so many threats, insults and promises of a "big price to be paid" that it would be very hard for him, the kind of vain personality he is to climb down now.

Reuters reports this would be a multinational attack with UK and France likely to join in. Hilariously the Brits have said they would prefer "a proper investigation" first but are also open to just bombing Syria without one:

British U.N. Ambassador Karen Pierce told reporters that Britain “would prefer to start with a proper investigation” but that all options were on the table and London was in close contact with its U.S. and French allies.

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We can only hope Trump has the good sense to at least (as in 2017 strikes) warn the Russians in advance where the US will be hitting so they can get out in time. Else they've previously promised to target the ships and the planes delivering the missiles. On the other hand, he has been deploying a lot more anti-Russian rhetoric this time around.

This is how deliberating on whether to start a WW3 looks like:

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Hopefully the generals, Dunford in particular can talk some sense into that bunch. On the other hand there is Bolton sitting in a place of honor right next to Trump. No mystery what his advice will be.

Meanwhile US warships are said to be converging to the Eastern Mediterranean while Syrian skies are full of Russian air assets.

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