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Trump Pal Roger Stone Plans Fireworks at DC Russia Testimony Next Week

Somebody might emerge from this bruised and bloodied

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I recently wrote about Roger Stone and the excellent new documentary film about him:  'Get Me Roger Stone' is an Excellent Film, Must-See to Understand Trump's America

Stone is a showman par excellence, as is well-explained in the film. A co-host of the Alex Jones Show, he has been vociferously demanding his 'day in court' in front of the House Committee investigating the Russia Collusion Delusion.

<figcaption>He's a world-class entertainer</figcaption>
He's a world-class entertainer

Well, he got his wish, and we are betting that the show will be one for the ages. Check out the trailer to the film:

Here is Stone in USA Today, yesterday:

The Times, the Senate and House intelligence committees and our intelligence services have yet to make public any incriminating materials (proving Russia collusion) for a simple reason: They do not exist.

I believe that the entire allegation of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is the brainchild of Clinton operative John Podesta, most likely to distract from the lucrative business contracts that he and his brother enjoyed with the oligarchs around Vladimir Putin.

In short, the claim of Russian collusion with Trump is a politically motivated fairy tale.

Grab some popcorn.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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