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Trump or Hillary – Who’s the Lesser of Two Evils for Russia?

Trump's a 'cynical sheriff' while Hillary's a....well

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a famous Russian writer and extreme left wing political activist. This article originally appeared at Izvestia national daily. Translated by Julia Rakhmetova and Rhod Mackenzie

As we know on 8th November, 2016 the presidential elections will take place in the most important state on the planet, in the self-centered, haughty and selfish United States of America. 

The elections will be preceded by the Democratic Party primaries in July and the Republican Party primaries that will take place a little later. However it seems even now that the front runners are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two diametrically opposite types of American politicians, who will eventually fight it out for the Oval Office.  

If that happens, and I tend to believe it will, it will be the opposite to 2009 when a black man was elected (it was a bright, dazzling so-called change, but in fact American values were not affected): on 8th November a Great Battle will take place.

As long as Hillary Clinton is offering to keep America the way it is: the same lie to the world about a struggle for democracy and human rights that is an offer to continue as a villain whose powers of world dominance even Hitler would envy. 

The Clintoness, as I call her, is in my opinion an extremely unpleasant creature. Mother, grandmother, a true American tyosha (mother-in-law, bitch or shviger in Yiddish) – with the iron jaws of a locust and spacious cheeks of a predatory squirrel.

She will be confronted by a man of approximately the same age, an all-American bad boy of 69, the cynical sheriff or dirty policeman (as in Clint Eastwood playing  Dirty Harry).

Trump has called the USA “a dumping ground  for Mexicans”, and said  that if he becomes  president he will build a wall at the Mexican border. It’s clear that Trump is not courting Latinos. He has made them angry, they won’t vote for him. Nor will Muslims, since Trump proposes to ban them from entering the US until they have been properly vetted . “These people only believe in jihad. They don’t need or want our system”.

So, who will vote for Trump? White working class Americans, those square people (as described by the hippies), or rednecks (who in Russian would be a “vatnik” as Ukrainians call us), who hate the tan Obama.  Not the New England Brahmins, the American aristocrats, the Kennedy's and the Clintons, who support Obama’s policy of favoring ethnic and sexual minorities. 

The rednecks and the squares have dreamt of having their own president who will end this policy of ‘political correctness’.  

The dirty policeman will square off against the true American tyosha. We Russians should understand that whoever is elected there is no point expecting a Russian-friendly policy either from Clinton or Trump.

But we would choose Trump since he recognizes that Russians are strong, as shown in his  respect for Russia in the person of Putin. Remember his statement: “If  Putin bombs ISIS to pieces let him do it. It’s unwise and unreasonable to demand from him not to do it”. As well as his famous: “Of course Crimea belongs to Russia, who else to?” Moreover recently Trump accused Obama and Clinton of creating the “Islamic State”.

Let’s compare these two statements of Trump with those of the Clintoness concerning Russia and Putin: “Like many other hooligans he will take as much as possible until you stop him”. The Clintoness holds the traditional position: the United States of America is the ultimate overlord of our planet and Russia is like a hooligan trying to change the unipolar world to a multipolar one.

Trump is ready to move a little. He says that America has had enough of playing the world gendarme, with its heavy price. It’s time to face American's domestic problems.  That is also why Trump is closer to Russia: he’s just as reactionary as we are.

I freaking love it that he’s not a liberal and says it like it is. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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