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The Trump Jr. Russia Scandal Ain't No Big Deal, by Stefan Molyneux (Video)

A Youtube heavy hitter demolishes the Trump Jr. nonsense

The best analysis of what is really going on in the world is coming out of the alternative media.

The old media are dead, finished, don't even understand what is happening to them

Molyneux is one of the heavy hitters in this world - with his 700k Youtube subscribers and similar numbers of podcast listeners, he matters.

One of his points is this:  How could this possibly be a serious Russian government effort if they have a fat Brit moron convey the message over unencrypted email?  Our staff of Russian-trained intelligence experts has to concur.

Say hi to Rob Goldstone.

This will be over in a few days, and as before, the dummies who are chasing this idea, will just look stupider than they already do.

Save this video and watch it over your Wheaties tomorrow morning.  Molyneux nails it.





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