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Trump Could Destroy the Swamp and the Neocon Media in One Blow if He Condemned the Syria False Flag Gassing

The path to victory is clear

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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Update: As I predicted, Tucker Carlson hammered away at this theme again tonight, devoting two segments to different angles. 1) the insanity of picking a fight with Russia and 2) the apparent false flag in Syria. He brought up the Rand Paul statement of today. We will have those segments for you shortly.

It is now becoming apparent to just about everyone that the Syria gas attack was in fact a false flag orchestrated with the connivance of the UK / US / Mossad intelligence agencies.

More and more convincing reporting is coming out about this, for example this highly credible report from respected UK journalist Robert Fisk earlier today in the Independent, a major UK paper. Rand Paul has stepped out and stated that he believes it's a hoax. Tucker Carlson has been suggesting as much, and probably will again tonight. Maybe he'll have Paul on and they can stoke the flames of this expanding conflagration.

The Russians are furious at being accused, (and nearly being sucked into WW3), and are preparing a massive presentation of evidence that the whole thing was a fraud. Their top diplomats are already angrily saying so. 

Alternative media on the left and the right have been yelling their heads off over this blindingly obvious fact. Article after article is pouring out of the alternative media making the case. But really, you don't need a lot of information to come to that conclusion, for it is intuitively obvious, summed up in this little meme which was created a couple days after the alleged gassing and has since gone hyper-viral on the internets, seen many millions of times. Rand Paul evidently saw it early. Behold the awesome power of the viral meme ye mighty ... and get out of the way if you know what is good for you ...

Question: what do you do if you are Donald Trump and you see this wrecking ball approaching your White House?

Answer: you step deftly aside and let is smash your political opponents to smithereens.

You feign outrage. You demand an investigation. You begin criminal proceedings against whole echelons of the deep state and the intelligence community. You pillory the media who parroted this preposterous lie. You milk it for all it is worth. You expose the neocon cabal in Washington who are trying to spoil relations with Russia. You implicate Israel and Netanyahu. You expose the Lindsey Grahams and John McCains and those who ran around pushing the lie the hardest. Theresa May's government will fall in an instant. Macron will be neutered for the rest of his term, if not hounded out of office. Russiagate evaporates and Mueller slinks away. You announce that you will now finally make peace with Russia. You become a national and international hero. You win handily in November. You push through your original populist program on a wave of public support and appreciation. You win bigly.

No this is not a pipe dream, it is entirely realistic, and perhaps even a political necessity. This is why Paul is out in front of this. Expect more to follow his lead. The usual suspects, the deep staters, the corrupt politicians feeding at the trough of the Israel lobby, their friends and co-conspirators in the media, and most importantly, the owners of those media, did what they've done dozens of times over the past couple of decades, and it always worked, and like most serial criminals, they got sloppy. This time the alternative media is too powerful, the evidence to obvious and compelling, and it will come out - it already is, and when it is revealed for all to see, there is going to be political hell to pay, and glory for the politician who can see which way the wind is blowing.

Look, here's an example from a couple of hours ago from the excellent Ben Swann. You can tell these journalists smell blood:

So be smart Trump, dodge this speeding train, and ride it to total victory.

I was deeply dismayed to see you standing in front of the nation last Friday, lying through your teeth, and predicted that it was the end of your presidency. You now have a chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Perhaps you planned it that way all along.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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