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As Trump-CIA Showdown Escalates, Expect Heads to Roll

German media is reporting that the CIA wants to prevent the president-elect and his top intel nominees Flynn and Pompeo from cracking down on the way they do business 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

German online media is reporting on the growing confrontation between the CIA and President-elect Donald Trump.

Citing the Washington Post, German Economic News related that the rank and file of the CIA is not sure if they will be able to work under President Trump:

<figcaption>All business</figcaption>
All business

The Washington Post, usually kept well informed by intelligence circles, is reporting great apprehension in the CIA over the president-elect. The Post cites an anonymous CIA man as saying, "I don't know what the endgame is. After the inauguration we will be in uncharted waters."

These reports come as the CIA, or elements of it in collaboration with the mainstream media, have virtually declared open war on the President-elect, attempting to discredit his election victory and either prevent his inauguration or handicap his influence by alleging serious interference by Russia in the election.

And it's not only Trump himself they are worried about. Trump's picks for national security advisor and CIA director are also provoking a serious backlash:

One of the reasons why the CIA is in a panic might be the naming of General Michael Flynn as national security advisor, according to the Washington Post. Flynn failed as director of the CIA [actually DIA - trans.] because the intelligence apparatus was not willing to carry out his reform plans. Fear is now spreading through the CIA's ranks that Flynn could crack down on the organization. 

According to the Post, the CIA doubts that its new director Mike Pompeo will be able to forge a working relationship between the Trump White House and the intelligence agencies.

If Donald Trump can weather the blows until January 20th, the CIA is likely to find it has engineered a self-fulfilling prophesy.

As I wrote in an article last week just as the Russian hacking propaganda onslaught entered full gear, Donald Trump is not a man who cowers when attacked or turns the other cheek in the face of massive betrayal.

A thorough purge of the CIA will probably follow, which will leave the Deep State reeling in Trump's first 100 days - a move that hopefully will bode well for the new president's aims to restart detente with Russia, abandon regime change and seek a new relationship with the world. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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