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Trump to Approve Sanctions; US-Russia Detente Tied to Cement Block and Thrown Into Potomac River

The veto-proof sanctions will become law either way—but Trump has lost a chance to take a principled stance against madness

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Spoiler alert: Donald Trump will sign off on the new sanctions that zoomed through Congress going Mach 666. The bill will become law either way—it's basically 100 percent veto-proof—but the real tragedy here is that Trump is choosing political expediency over taking a principled stance against self-destructive insanity.

As usual, it appears that the vast majority of Americans have absolutely no idea what their government has just done.

<figcaption>Oh well.</figcaption>
Oh well.

The disastrous consequences of this piece of legislation will eventually become impossible to ignore ("compelling Russia to run into the arms of China, forever" and "provoking Europe, especially Germany, to declare an open insurrection against Washington dictates", etc.), and only then will Trump probably rethink this decision. Until then, isn't political expediency fun?

Not to mention the all-out sanctions war that began yesterday and will only get much, much worse. The United States will not emerge from this tit-for-tat unscathed and you can bet your Ugg boots that Moscow has been planning for this worst-case scenario since Obama's Christmastime purge back in December. 


Rapprochement isn't just "off the table"—it's been strapped to a rocket and launched into outer space. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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