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Trump and Putin Got a Lot Done in Helsinki — Top Russian Politician Sets Record Straight (Video)

"[T]he liberal media, firstly, is Russophobic, [and] secondly, opposed to Trump"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a country whose media don't lie about current events?

Check out this interesting clip from Russia's top political talk show, where one of the leading Russian foreign policy experts explains why the summit was highly productive.

Full transcript below:


Vyacheslav Nikonov, United Russia party:

—The presidents actually partly answered your question. Putin said that these were good talks. Trump said that it was a very good meeting. And I'm inclined to believe the two presidents who held the negotiations. Lavrov gave an answer even before the press conference.

Evgeny Popov:

When asked about the outcome of the talks, Lavrov said: "It's better than super, it's just awesome."

Vyacheslav Nikonov:

—Then let's believe the foreign minister as well. Judging by the displeasure of the American liberal media, it's another signal that the meeting was successful, because the liberal media, firstly, is Russophobic, secondly, opposed to Trump. Thus, it is another confirmation.

Concerning concrete agreements, if we leave behind all the sham that interested American journalists and dominated the internal American discourse, from what I understood from Putin's intervention, the meeting brought many practical steps that have already been partly implemented.

Firstly, arms control. Security was mentioned both by Trump and Putin. Putin said that both sides were seeking to extend New START, to preserve the INF treaty, to introduce ABM issues into the broader discourse on disarmament, and to enhance non-proliferation. What does it mean? It means the resumption of Russian-American talks on arms control which have been suspended for years. It's for the first time in decades. It's a very serious issue.

The second point mentioned by Putin was cooperation in counter-terrorism, including cyberterrorism. In this context, he once again brought up the working group on anti-terrorism and suggested the creation of a common body to counter cyberterrorism. Just a couple of days ago there were practically no channels of communication. Here's a second important line of communication which seems to exist, or maybe even two channels, on terrorism and cybercrime.

Thirdly, Syria was mentioned. Putin referred to the Syrian issue as a possible point of common interest and maybe common plans, some common strategy. Trump was less confident and used more cautious terms concerning these issues, naturally, putting a premium on Israel's security in this context.

Evgeny Popov:

But Trump said he destroyed ISIS.

Vyacheslav Nikonov:

—OK, let him think so. He said he freed Syria from ISIS. He's playing for the domestic audience. What did Trump say? He said that the military cooperation on Syria is better than the political interaction. This is another channel of interaction that works and will continue to develop.

To continue, what did Putin say? He said that the dialogue would develop in all dimensions, that there were legislative contacts that were seen as extraordinary, but should be routine. So, legislative contacts are obviously reviving. He said that an expert group should be established again to work on the strategic issues of bilateral relations.

Back in the 1990s, Alexey and I were members of the Aspen Strategy Group, which was working on this. But there hasn't been anything else of its kind for the past 15 years. It means the creation of a joint expert group that will work out strategies to develop relations. Apparently, it's yet another channel. In fact, many channels of Russian-American cooperation are thawing, which is very important.

Moreover, Trump didn't say a word that could offend Russia, President Putin, or our relations. I'm sure that he found common ground with Putin and is largely grateful to him for his stance.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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