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The Trucks of the Apocalypse Are Headed for Europe

The fight against terrorism is getting more cruel and bloody. And each of us should consider himself a target and a soldier in this fight

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The author is a famous Russian writer

Heavy white trucks are speeding across Europe, pushing through human bodies, squeaking  with bloodstained tires. Candles at embassies, closed meetings of prime ministers, babble of generals, mumbles of anti-terrorism experts. More police officers, more special services, more branches in closed networks. Control over the Internet, over correspondence, control over everyone…

<figcaption> Russia had its share of terrorist attacks. Volgograd, December 2013</figcaption>
Russia had its share of terrorist attacks. Volgograd, December 2013

But the explosions keep coming. Terrorists use weapons at kosher cafes and supermarkets. They rig cars with explosives intended to blow up stadiums; take control of Boeings and crash them into skyscrapers. They undermine high-speed  trains, attacking passengers. Now terrorists have got behind the wheels of trucks and begun to consider water reservoirs, where they could drop ampules with poison; at hydraulic structures, which are unprotected; and if they blow up sluice gates, millions of tons of water will sweep through towns and settlements.

Cyber-terrorists will begin hacking into supercomputers, and airports all over the world will lose their ability to control planes, that will crash over the airfields of JFK, Ben Gurion or Heathrow, creating a heavenly apocalypse.

Today’s liberal Europe cannot respond to this cruel wave of terrorism. It will resist with primitive means. And the prediction that soon Europe will fall apart into groups of fascist states, is coming true. Fascist Europe, trying to solve terrorist problem with racial segregation, the suppression of dark-skinned people and Arabs, will soon witness continuous riots and fights. Russian tanks or planes are not needed to level the ground of current perplexed, decrepit Europe that has lost its way.

The situation in the United States is no better. A black magma of Afro-Americans, who hate white people, is boiling before our eyes. Black people have not forgotten that scary time when slave-ships crossed the Atlantic, and blacks were whipped, put into chains, forced to grow American cotton under the boiling sun. This unfinished drama lives in the heart of every African American. Neither the law banning segregation, nor the election of a dark-skinned president helped.

Terrorist attacks, having started with self-destruction, now are becoming much more devious, even metaphysical. The attack in Nice on the Promenade Des Anglais happened on Bastille Day, the French national holiday.

The terrorist attack in Stalingrad, when a station blew up and blood splashed over the Fountain of Pioneers on New Year's Eve, - was a blow to the very heart of Russian consciousness, a blow to Stalingrad, which is the symbol of Victory. The destruction of the Twin Towers in Manhattan is a destruction of American greatness before the entire world.

What are the goals of endless terrorism? They are not clear. What do terrorists want? May be they want a caliphate from Lisbon to Vladivostok?

The fight against terrorism is getting more cruel and bloody. And each of us should consider himself a target and a soldier in this fight. Determination, concentration, willingness to sacrifice are crucial.

Let’s listen to the distant echo of history. Could apocalypse trucks be speeding toward us?

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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