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Trigger-Happy Angela Wants 'Her' War - Forget the German Constitution

Frau Kanzlerin awards herself a long awaited Christmas present by joining the military operation in Syria without asking the UN or Syrian government

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is our correspondent in Germany and wrote this article specially for RI

After being Chancellor for more than 10 years, Mrs. Merkel has finally achieved what she must have always dreamt of. 

In 2002 she was one of the staunchest supporters of a US war in Iraq. In 2003 she penned an article for the pro-war Washington Post titled „Schröder Doesn’t Speak for All Germans “ where she advocated the intervention: 

"The danger from Iraq is not fictitious, but real, ... pressure must be maintained on Saddam Hussein ... this means using military force if necessary"

At the time, she was denied this "marvelous" opportunity by the Germans who had elected her into opposition. 

Her re-election in 2017 being far from certain, she seems hell bent on getting “her“ war now. She wants it so badly that she doesn’t need any international law or UN mandate or for that matter consent of the German people to justify the upcoming intervention in Syria.

What will the German members of parliament vote for or against on Friday this week?

●  Deployment of Tornado jets providing intelligence for the anti-ISIS


●  Deployment of a frigate in the Mediterranean, supposedly

escorting the French carrier Charles de Gaulle (WTF? Is Turkey supplying

ISIS with submarines which could attack a French carrier?)

●  Deployment of A310 tankers

This will require the deployment of around 1200 servicemen.

Apart from being illegal from an international point of view, this act of war also infringes on the following articles of the German Constitution: 26(1)115a  and 87a

Despite the illegality of this mission, only 14 MPs of the ruling Grand Coalition are likely to vote against it on Friday, as reported by DER SPIEGEL.

Merkel's war in Syria is a fait accompli.

The Chancellor could at least have given it a touch of legality by stating that the Tornado jets would also supply the Russian Air Force with intelligence. But this of course is not going to happen!

After Yugoslavia in 1999 and Afghanistan in 2001 the German people will be dragged into yet another illegal conflict by their government.

Because all we want for Christmas is WAR!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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