A Tragic Exodus: About 450,000 Christians Have Fled Syria

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For years, western politcians have parrotted the mantra "Assad must go." 

What "freedom" from Assad looks like

Well Assad hasn't gone, but almost half a million of the ancient Christian population of Syria have, forced out by a western and Gulf Arab-backed insurrection fueled by radical Islamic terror.

The figure comes from Gregory III Laham, patriarch of the Melikite Catholic Church, who spoke at a meeting of Russian State Duma members, according to RIA Novosti:

I would give the figure as 450,000 - this includes the Orthodox, Catholics and Uniates - up to 18 denominations. This number, including those in Lebanon, has left - some to Germany or Canada.

What Islamic rule was unable to accomplish in 1400 years - the extirpation of Christianity from the Levant - Obama and Kerry have managed to mostly finish in only 5. (Not to mention George Bush's success in driving out hundreds of thousands of Christians from Iraq.)

Way to go for the defenders of "western values." Just what kind of values are those?

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