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WHOA! Top US Military Spy Chief: US Deliberately Created ISIS

This will only be news to nitwits who trust the neocon controlled mainstream media

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Ok, so this came out on Al Jazeerah in early August.  

We're just getting around to publishing it because we are an under-funded, mostly volunteer alternative media site.  Want this sort of thing in a more timely manner?, then join our crowdfund, which starts today, and we'll hire a few more folks.

But maybe its for the best that we bring this up again a couple months later, because it is a very big deal, and, of course, it was roundly ignored by the mainstream media - par for the course.


Seriously, google "Michael Flynn ISIS" and you get precisely 2 articles about it, 1 from the weirdly pro-Pentagon Business Insider (What is the deal with Jeff Bezos and the hard core neocon movement anyway?, or perhaps it's just that Henry Blodget is a compulsive liar, no matter what profession he chooses), which deliberately omits the key quote in the interview and tries to spin the story into insignificance, and 1 from RealClearPolitics, which is just a reprint from a couple of short lines from RT.

So next time someone tells you that RT doesn't make a useful contribution to media coverage in the West, tell them to google that.  Case closed.

The original, full, Al Jazeerah interview got 150,000 views on youtube.  We wonder how many of those were from mainstream journalists who found nothing in there worth reporting.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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