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Top US and NATO Commanders Admit They Cannot Oppose Russian No-Fly Zone

NATO chieftan says Russia has created a 'sphere of negation' which US planes cannot enter

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American military expert, a former Colonel of the U.S. army Jack Jacobs said that the United States can't interfere with Russians in Syria, as Russia de facto set up a no-fly zone, cutting off access to any aircraft with the help of air defense systems deployed on land and on ships of the Russian navy in the Mediterranean.

In the Saudi paper on Friday, October 2 appeared an interview with former U.S. Colonel Jack Jacobs, who announced that the United States can't stop the Russians in Syria, as Russia has set up a no-fly zone.. This means that any military aircraft entering the combat zone, may be immediately shot down as a threat to the Russian airspace forces.

American sources claim that the Russian Federation with the assistance of deployed land-based air defense systems have established a no-fly zone over the entire airspace of Syria, in addition the approaches to the Russian airbase in Latakia are also closed from the sea to a distance of 100-250 km from the coast by the Russian navy, now conducting exercises in the Mediterranean sea.

Корабли ВМФ России

Thus, the U.S. and its allies can't even carry out the air reconnaissance of the Russian Federation forces.

A source in military circles of the American military in Turkey reported that NATO aircraft, trying to get close to the forces of the Russian Federation,has been identified by radar, and the source of the radar could not even be traced.

"The Russians have indicated that they can see everything, and getting closer is not worth it, otherwise it will be shot down", - said the American military.

"Frankly we were surprised by the air defense system of Russia, most likely there are the latest systems S-400. I have no other ideas," - said Colonel Jack Jacobs.

About Russians creating a no-fly zone over Syria also writes Bloombeg, citing a senior American military officer. The commander of the NATO forces in Europe General Philip Breedlove said that the new military infrastructure of Russia in Syria, including air defense systems, de facto creates a no-fly zone.

According to Breedlove, Russia has created over Syria,a "sphere of negation", which American planes can't enter.

General Breedlove believes that "very complex air defense system" deployed by Russia in Syria is aimed not against the "Islamic state", which does not have aviation. "They are against someone else," said the commander of the NATO forces in Europe.

"After several years of discussion in the U.S.of plans to create no-fly zones in Syria to protect the rebels and civilians, appeared Vladimir Putin and in a few days established his own no-fly zone.

In the US the two parties argued for a long time and could not agree, about a no-fly zone, and Putin just went ahead and did it," sarcastically said the author of the article on Bloomberg.

The Pentagon has admitted the scale of the Russian no-fly zone in Syria, when it began negotiations with Russia on how to avoid conflicts in the conduct of their air operations.

Discussion between the military of the two countries was conducted on October 1 via a closed video channel, and lasted about an hour. On the American side in the negotiations participated the assistant Secretary of Defense for international security Elyssa Slotkin.

"The discussion was devoted to how the U.S. and Russia can cooperate on the prevention of conflict in Syria. Such discussions will continue," - said following the talks, the official White house spokesman Josh Ernest.

It is also known that Elissa Slotkin expressed in the negotiations concern that Russia is striking not only the militants of the "Islamic state" but other groups of terrorists, which the US considers "moderate opposition to Assad" and supports them.

The response of the representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry is unclear, but apparently, the general sense was that "We can not discriminate between the different shades of 'crap'. So we will hammer everyone who shoots at the soldiers of the legitimate government of Syria, at whose request we are here".

And the Americans had to accept it. Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said that the U.S. government will not use U.S. air power to protect the "moderate rebels".

Apparently the "goodwill", shown by the United States compromising with Russia, is not exactly "good", but is caused by a complete fiasco of the U.S. armed forces, which in the last 20 years bombed only the 'Papuans' and forgot what it was like to deal with real high-tech adversary armed with modern sea and air defense systems.

And now the Americans are just lost because they do not know how to behave with those who are able to realistically fight back.

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