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Top Russian Pol Goes Full Alt-Right For Samantha Bee (Video - Zhirinovsky)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

We just stumbled across this video posted by Samantha Bee on election day, and what with all the election celebration at RI offices, it went pretty much unnoticed.

Bee does her best to make Zhirinovsky look ridiculous in an interview, not realizing that what he says would prove wildly popular with the burgeoning multi-million strong alt-right crowd.

<figcaption>"American whites are in danger of losing their country"</figcaption>
"American whites are in danger of losing their country"

Zhirinovsky ticks off a list of Alt-Right talking points:



  • He says it seems to him that the white race is at risk in America, complaining that when he walks down the street in New York he sees no whites, only 'negroes'.
  • It is dangerous to put the rights of ethnic minorities above those of the majority race.
  • Calls for Europe and America to unite and save Christian civilization.
  • Says Islam should be 'restricted'.

Bee is a good comedian, but she is slavishly following the lead of her corporate masters at TBS, which is owned by Time Warner, which owns CNN, in other words a nest of vicious neocons, who had Bee's former colleague, Jon Stewart, up to the same slimy tricks over at Viacom.

Bee even goes so far as to include the creepy Masha Gessen as a talking head in the series, and Gessen, as usual, spins her lies.  She's a Russia-hating psycho, and looks like a toasted turd to boot.  There is another video to the series - also worth checking out for the cutting edge in lying about Russia.

We are quite sure Zhirinovsky could care less that he was ambushed.  He loves the limelight.  Here he is a couple of days ago telling a joke on a Russian talk show:



And in case you missed it, here's a video we translated of him screaming about Hillary Clinton being a witch and 'a vicious snake', - this video got picked up by Alex Jones and went viral, getting over a million views.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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