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Top Comedian Expertly Explains - The Washington Post Is a National Disgrace

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Prominent Youtuber and comedian Jimmy Dore does an excellent job here explaining that the evil Washington Post is just a pathetic shill for the CIA and Neocons and their transparent BS.

His videos routinely get over half a million views.

<figcaption>This epic rant is completely, unassailably, true</figcaption>
This epic rant is completely, unassailably, true

And it looks like America agrees with him. This rant has 4000 upvotes, and 102 downvotes. (Rough transcript below)

We're winning folks. Keep watching and supporting independent media like us, and the bad guys don't stand a chance.



A rough transcript of some choice excerpts:

"They're trying to pretend that other people do fake news and not them. They're the biggest purveyor of fake news. Just so you know their owner has a six hundred million dollar deal with the CIA and they never disclose that when they're reporting on Syria, WikiLeaks, the deep state, the DNC server, the Russia hacking ...

"A newspaper who always beats the drum for war like they did to get us into Iraq. Just so you know the Washington Post's a (expletive deleted) newspaper and they always are lapdogs to power. They are six hundred million dollar lapdogs to power, the deep state.  They literally have a contract with the deep state and you're going to get your news from the Washington Post?!"

"Jeff Bezos is a billion dollar investor in uber. When they write write stories in about uber, they never disclose that. They should and it's unethical!"

"Media Matters says Washington Post didn't disclose that the writer who penned a positive piece about Trump's Saudi trip is paid as a lobbyist  by the frickin Saudi government and the Washington Post didn't tell you that you! Tell me if that's fake news!"

"Every time they write a story about WikiLeaks, every time they write a story about Russia, every time they write a story about the war, or the CIA - they're supposed to disclose that the owner of their paper has a six hundred million dollar deal with the deep state CIA and they don't …"

"You wonder why nobody knows what's happening in Syria you wonder why the country doesn't know what (expletive deleted) is going on with Russia hack  - this is why because the Washington Post's are a bunch of corporate (expletive deleted) liars who are in bed with the CIA."

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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