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TODAY: Russia Insider Editor Joins Stephen Cohen, Ray McGovern, Robert Parry and Others for World Russia Forum in Washington, DC

  • US-Russia forum to be held March 25 - 26 in Washington, DC
  • Russia Insider editor Charles Bausman will give a presentation on alternative media
  • All are welcome! For more information, visit the Russia House website

Russia Insider editor Charles Bausman will participate in the 2015 World Russia Forum on March 25-26 in Washington, DC. The forum boasts an incredible panel of speakers, including Stephen Cohen, Ray McGovern, Robert Parry, Gilbert Doctorow, Patrick L. Smith and Katrina vanden Heuvel. 

With US-Russia relations at an all-time low, the 35th annual World Russia Forum hopes to create constructive dialogue that will help thaw the "New Cold War" and mend relations between the two major thermonuclear powers on the planet. The US and Russia have fundamentally compatible interests with regards to terrorism, proliferation of WMDs, piracy, illegal cyber activity, drug trafficking, and climate change — among other global issues. 

Please join Russia Insider and the rest of the incredible panel for a discussion on these important subjects on Wednesday, March 25 at the Russian cultural Center starting at 11.00 AM and on Thursday, March 26 from 2.30 to 6.30 PM at the Hart Senate Office Building, Room 216.

For additional information, including the Forum's schedule, please visit the Russia House website

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