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Today Is "D-Day" and the "D" is for Donbass

On this June 6th it is so important to recall the liberation of Europe from the Nazi scourge of World War II. D-Day this year should also be focused on the Donbass, and a renewed Nazi menace. We should focus on leaders who are promoting death and destruction in our name. 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Watching a UN Security Council session yesterday revealed two vitally important facts. First, the world’s representative officials are absolutely useless. Secondly, the children of the Donbass need Vladimir Putin the redeemer. The killing from the west simply is not going to stop, not as long as the west’s leadership is still in office. On this anniversary of the D-Day landings another “D” invasion may be needed, only this time to liberate the Donbass from another Nazi assault.

This may well be the longest rant you ever read. For English speakers though, it should also be required reading. 

<figcaption>Texas' own Russell Bonner Bentley, and a company of Donbass liberators</figcaption>
Texas' own Russell Bonner Bentley, and a company of Donbass liberators

When US Secretary of State John Kerry travelled to Sochi, Russia begging and audience with Vladimir Putin, the straight shooter in me sighed a breath of relief. “At last my government realized their folly, they know they have lost”, I thought out loud. A colleague on social media tweeted me, I cannot remember who; “Don’t be so optimistic, they’ll not stop Phil”. Watching RT’s live coverage of a special session called over hostilities in the town of Marinka, West of Donetsk, I became physically ill as any decent human being would. Many of the diplomats within the UNSC, especially those from the UK Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, are simply liars or worse. Taking the gloves off here, Rycroft’s commentary before the world yesterday frames a British government neck deep in committing its own form of terrorism. Read what Rycroft interjects, then continue on to read from real people on the ground in Donbass:

“We have previously seen Russian-backed separatists seek to provoke a Ukrainian response and then twist this, as the Russian media are again seeking to do, into claims the Ukrainians launched an assault. These feints are transparent and Russian claims, and those of their separatist proxies, carry no credibility.”

Image icon osce.jpg
UK Ambassador to Ukraine Simon Smith hops from OSCE SUV with Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan, Chief Monitor of OSCE SMMU - Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine

Before I go on, please consider I’ve already proven the British Embassy complicit in organizing (at best) questionable support for subversive training in Ukraine. Also consider, we’ve uncovered NATO support for what amounted to a Kiev assassination site known as the Peacemaker just a few weeks ago. Rycroft’s embassy’s hands are bloody as Pontius Pilate across their so-called “Peace building projects” (PDF) in Ukraine. Now allow me to amplify my contentions via first hand reporting. Tweeting from New York, the UK mission to the UN tells us of more proof, but we've seen no pictures. 



The Uselessness of the OSCE

The multinational monitoring mission (or SMM) to Ukraine (or Syria for the matter) is absolutely useless. Let me tell you why. Graham Phillips is the well known journalist who first began his coverage of the war in Donbass for RT. Since arriving there in the east of Ukraine, Phillips has been in the thick of the fighting. What’s significant about his effort is not only the fact he’s the only reporter who has been continually streaming stories from, but the fact he has been something of an angel of mercy and truth for the people being shelled unto death. Shot at, captured and threatened, thrown bodily from the borders of Ukraine by the Kiev junta, wounded, assailed at every turn by Poroshenko supporters, Phillips carries on. A video today from him tells us more of the horrors inflicted on people in the Donbass. This NAF soldier had his fingers cut off by his Ukrainian captors.

I asked him (ironically) about the OSCE’s presence in Ukraine just days ago.  I put my question to Graham directly; “Graham, give me your assessment of the OSCE between 1 and 10?” His answer was as direct, and instant:

“Well, I have not been there for a while. Before, I’d have to score them a 4. I am being generous, but I guess they were there at least.”

Graham, honest as the day is long, he’d been away in the UK recently. The reader can glean credibility in this though, his answer I mean. As for my assessment of the mission of the OSCE, a 4 is generous indeed. I’ve communicated briefly with their liaisons, but as soon as the questions got hard, they cut off all messages to me whatsoever. The SMM to Ukraine, for all intents and purposes, is nothing more than a handcuffed political organization posing as official observers and arbiters. I needn’t get into the Ukraine SMM membership; let’s just say the whole affair is one Russian versus other “interests”. Since the OSCE is in the spotlight here, let’s turn to their report, which spurred this latest UNSC meeting.

Russell Bonner Bentley and a comrade inspect collateral damage in Donbass (Courtesy the War Fighter)
Russell Bonner Bentley and a comrade inspect collateral damage in Donbass (Courtesy the War Fighter)

No Submission From the Donbass

Please take note here, the OSCE report I am reading this morning differs significantly from the version I read yesterday during the UNSC live broadcast. It differs in the sequence of events, and in substantially misleading timeline wordage. I did not have the presence of mind to screen shot that version unfortunately. However altered the tone may be, the UNSC yesterday utter no hint at what I am about to tell you. The flare up on June 4th outside Donetsk was a frustrated retaliation for indiscriminate killing from the Kiev junta side. Enter an American war fighter, Russell Bonner Bentley, whom I befriended on Facebook.

“Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.” – Sam Houston -  

Russell Bonner Bentley is a Texas boy. As a southerner and someone who lived in El Paso, I understand people like Russell. I admire people like him too, they’re honest above all else. I hope the reader will understand here, most southern boys are born and bred warriors, and this is especially true of Texans. Long story short, Texans don’t take any crap off anybody. And people like Bentley, they seldom dish anything out that is not true. He’s been broadcasting from the Donbass since he got there, and fighting Nazis at the same time. To conserve space here, I’ll give it to you straight.

A several days before the high and mighty UNSC had its “emergency”,  Russell appealed to his fellow Americans to do something, to do anything about the senseless killing of civilians in Donbass. The video below was uploaded May 31st. Take note here, as the assualt launched on artillery positions the OSCE outlines on June 4 were in fact a humanitarian necessity, rather than a rediculous agressive offensive. 

When I watched the video I got angry, I mean really angry. To tell the truth I wanted to fly to Rostov on the Don and find my way to Donetsk, to stand by these fighters in protecting their own. Only a bad heart and the realization I’m good at what you are reading kept me from boarding that plane. This matters not, but my conversations with Russell, and his appeal, they should matter. Bear with me here.

The UNSC, the OSCE, the ambassadors and governments to the west of the Don River in west Russia, they crooked as a jay bird’s ass. Russell, my friends back home in Georgia and the Carolinas, they’ll snicker at my curtness here. This is the truth of the matter. Babies, innocent kids, moms and pops, poor people who only wanted to be left alone in the east of Ukraine, our government is helping to kill them. The British are killing them too, and so are the Germans, the French, and all the nations that bend to the will of the so-called great nations. As for Russia, like always those people are simply defending their front porch from would-be invaders. Putin and his people would as soon not wait until the wolf is in the living room, that is all. Now do you get it? You should.

A somber Russell Bonner Bentley - Atypical from one standpoint, typically Texan from the other
A somber Russell Bonner Bentley - Atypical from one standpoint, typically Texan from the other

On Monday Russell took the time to answer an inquiry of mine about the alleged crematoriums Russia was using to hide their dead, which the western press was publicizing. Here is a segment from his answer:

“ First hand, the Russian Army is NOT here. I've been here 6 months, and have seen NO sign of regular Russian troops. Second, the fuckin' ukrops don't kill that many of us anyway. Who they DO kill is mostly civilians. When Ukrops, Polish army or foreign mercenaries get close to us, they shoot all their ammo as fast as they can and run away.

 They like artillery and long range guns like tanks, mortars and AGS. If they come within fighting range of us, they die by the dozens. This bullshit story is making the rounds again probably because the UKROPS are using mobile crematoriums to burn THEIR dead. For reals, Brah. We kill lots of them, they hardly kill any of us. We are whippin' their ass WITOUT the Russian Army.”

Like I said, the Texan is a straight shooter, making no bones about war and killing. This is the meat of the matter, and what Bailey says is born up by defeat after defeat of Poroshenko’s forces. The lies, the deceit, the propaganda western leaders has forced down the world’s throat, it’s stinking to high heaven by now. If you can’t smell it, you’re part of the problem now. Your name, your country (wherever you live) is being signed to a little kid’s death warrant.

Image icon france.jpg
The freedom fighters of Donbass are not Russian regulars, this contingent from France are joined by fighters who are Spanish, Italians, Serbs, Czechs, Germans, Latvians, Georgians, Afghans, Americans, Brazilians, and Poles

I signed off with Russell on Tuesday; Russell said he was returning to the front then, so perhaps he knew patience had reached its end for the DPR people. He left me with an appeal to help the victims of this war, if you can imagine that. The soldiers of Donbass are begging for help for the blown to bits victims of this war, Graham Phillips is holding charity auctions, everybody from the Donbass side is appealing to our good side, and the British and American media stand idly by, spitting out the one sided lie. It’s disgusting. Here’s the last thing I heard from the Texan before the fighting the other day:

“Thanks, Comrade. Help us help the victims; we will take care of punishing the punishers.”

Liberate “D”onbass

In concluding, my story here is about the “sequence” of events and the “correct” framing of the most recent hostilities in Ukraine. You see from the British standpoint, a redirect of blame for it all. The attackers using their media and influence to divert blame to the victims here. There’s been endless allegations from Barack Obama, David Cameron, even Angela Merkel and Mr. Hollande of France, and hardly a shred of proof of any of this affair. From the sniper shots in Maidan Square, to Victoria Nuland’s F___ the EU flubs, John McCain fueling the civil war, Russia being blamed for MH17, and 100 alleged Russia invasions of Ukraine, all those leaders mentioned risk being labeled bold face liars or worse. The buck is supposed to stop at the top! America arming ISIS, hacked email accounts showing God knows what, the Clintons involved in selling off America’s strategic assets, the stench of it all is burning God’s eyes.

I leave you with a Graham Phillips interview with Anna Tuff, the lady who lived in the home Russell visited in the video above. If watching this poor lady does not make you steaming mad, I do not ever want to meet you. 

It’s June 6th, the 71st anniversary of the D-Day invasion which helped liberate Europe from the Nazis. Americans and our allies are remembering the brave lads who assaulted the beaches of Normandy in 1944 today. I remember them too, and I marvel at how Nazism and renewed fighting on European soil is happening all over again, only today the “D” stands for Donbass. My America needs to liberate these people from the lies, to liberate them from the jaws of death. Or else Vladimir Putin should aquiesce and demonstrate what a real invasion is. 

This is my view. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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