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Thoughts on the Day After D-Day: For the US and Russia, WWII Was a Vastly Different Experience

For the USSR, World War II was enormously destructive. For the USA, it was an economic boom which left America an economy based on military spending

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Hawaii wasn't a state at the time, but a territory. From 1941 to the end of the war in 1945, only a couple of drifting ballon bombs made it to US territory. As did some attempted shelling by German U-boats on the East coast.

<figcaption>Stalingrad the day after liberation</figcaption>
Stalingrad the day after liberation

World War II was an economic gift to the US, our factories were running 24/7 and all our competitors were being leveled by war fought on their lands.

In four years of all-out war, we suffered no territorial damage; it was like Mr. Rogers said, “just another beautiful day in the neighborhood”, if you lived in the US. All that economic activity and no territorial damage or civilian deaths. And for all this money moving around, all it cost us was the expected destruction of military equipment and less than 600,000 dead serviceman. World War II was a capitalist wet dream.

In fact it worked so well that from 1945 to 2016, we've based our whole economy on bloated military spending. To get rid of the inventory, we would invade some country or encourage insurgents to attempt a coup, or instigate regional conflicts. Any six year old who reviews our history from 1945 to 2016 can’t miss the reality. Why is the US the only country on earth with 10 fleet aircraft carriers, and building more?  An aircraft carrier is the most offensive weapon you can have. Other countries have one, maybe two.

Another giveaway about US priorities is our 1970s infrastructure: it's crumbling because our leaders don't give a damn about the US. They’re in control of the military-industrial complex and only care that campaign donation checks from the five or six corporations that live off the Pentagon have cleared. What's really pathetic is that we spend as much on the military as the next 8 countries combined, and we brag about it like it's something to be proud of, as our domestic economy goes down the toilet!


Now here’s a country that actually experienced World War II. On June 22, 1941 a massive attack by the German Wehrmacht started. They stormed across the

Russian border. From that day until May 9 1945, the Russian people and the Russian countryside knew nothing but total war. The Russian Army fought 200 divisions of the Wehrmacht. Russia and the Russian people suffered immensely. Cities were razed, others were encircled by German troops and millions froze or starved to death in these sieges. Unlike in the US, where most citizens’ biggest inconvenience was rationing of gas, tires and sugar. The power plant wasn’t destroyed and the hot water never stopped coming out of the faucet.

Let's talk about war deaths. As I mentioned for the 1941-1945 war years, the US had 600,000 deaths, looks like a big number, but with alcohol and smoking deaths we hit that number every year. Let me type that number again 600,000. Now compare it to the number of deaths a country who actually fights a war suffers ( like the USSR): the best estimate is 26,000,000. As I said, estimate because when people take a direct hit with a tank shell there is no way to count a vaporized body.

These days, people talk about the EU, you know the European Union. Well, except for England, Europe was united  from June 1940 till May 1945 under the Third Reich and the Nazi banner. Meanwhile, the USSR and the Red Army who destroyed 90% of the German Wehrmacht, the most powerful military machine at the time. By driving the Wehrmacht out of the USSR and taking over Berlin, the USSR not only saved themselves but all of Europe.

When it comes to starting a war, I, as a US citizen, fear only my leadership, who have never experienced real war. All they know is invading small weak countries that can't retaliate. I don't fear Russia or China at all. They know and understand what real war is.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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