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In These Days of Crisis, the French Look to Russia, Not America, for Hope and Inspiration

It’s the French who donated the most money to the people of Donbass, says famous Russian writer

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This article appeared originally at his blog at LiveJournal

The author is a famous Russian writer and left-wing activist whose books have been translated into seventeen languages. He reported widely from the war torn Donbas, which he has actively supported.

<figcaption>Zakhar Prilepin was organising humanitarian assistance to the people of Donbas - with a help from his French friends</figcaption>
Zakhar Prilepin was organising humanitarian assistance to the people of Donbas - with a help from his French friends

In this article he explains why the French increasingly view Russia as Europe’s best hope.

Ten years ago, arriving in Paris, I had to constantly justify Russia’s actions (Chechnya, Politkovskaya, Putin, and so on), but since then everything has changed.

Recently, the impossible happened: dozens of intelligent French people came up to me, pulling my  interpreter aside, or saying, in a mixture of broken Russian or French and English,  that Russia was a saint, and the Russians were the hope of Europe, because they were the only ones who had the courage to speak the truth about everything: their homeland, God, the relationship between people and between men and women, which in Europe is often labeled as "Nazi”, “Homophobic” or “Racist".

 It also turns out that the French understand everything about the Maidan and what followed;  they know Ukraine’s history and its "history", distinguish heroes from "heroes" and bitterly mocking it all with their French charm.

Although different kinds of people live in France, everything has changed very fast: resentment of overseas influence is more and more evident, alongside a craving for Russia. Nowhere but in France do such crowds gather in huge halls for Russian writers, historians, musicians.

I love these charming, clever, witty people. I’ve been to Paris more than a dozen times, and each time it has been a joy.

Maybe the Serbs also treat Russia kindly.

 France is one of the wonders of the world, an impossible, magical country. I take the terrorist attack personally.  It brings  us closer and dearer; we understand each other as few people in the world can.

Oh, and one more thing: The French entrusted me with the most funds for Donbass. No one else helped as much as the French. Believe me,  these people were more numerous than the staff of "Charlie". Just as you wouldn’t judge all Russians by the radio station "Echo of Moscow".

Be Russian, be merciful, be strong. Don’t be like the nitwits who dance after each catastrophe.

(When Marine Le Pen comes to power in France, Russia will have a powerful ally in Europe. And then we'll talk.)

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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