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The Terrorist Attack in Nice & the Coup in Turkey: NATO Can’t Defend its Member States

The North Atlantic Alliance has proved one again its only mission is to boost the US military industrial complex


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

We must now admit that NATO, the main guarantor of international stability and security, has glaring problems. An important member of NATO - Turkey,  has seen bombardments and shelling in its capital.

This didn’t even happen during the putsch in Chile in 1973, when Pinochet overthrew Allende. Strikes were more direct and more local. But here, we see night battles on the territory of the second largest NATO country over power, and the capture of military putschists.

NATO cannot even assure its own security, after claiming in Warsaw  that the main threat was Russia. It was struck by international terrorism in Nice and the next day, the military attempted a coup in Turkey.

We should tell NATO, that tries to blame Russia to look in the mirror. Maybe it sounds cynical, but the situation is that we can have NATO ‘lose face’, the most humiliating thing in Japanese tradition.  Recently, there was a Russia – NATO meeting which led to nothing, because it focused on Russia = Putin = Threat – blind to anything else.

Giant military budgets are behind these events. They literally bleed each NATO member – forcing them to spend 2% of GDP on the military. But look whose weapons are bought? American weapons, making the US the main beneficiary. It’s a “ carrot – and – stick ” method to stimulate their own economy.

Acting ‘pragmatically’, the US uses NATO to boost its own economy,.

We should act pragmatically over Turkey and Nice.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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