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Ten Reasons Why Obama Should be Given a Second Nobel Peace Prize

"To the peson who shall have done the most for fraternity between nations, for the abolition of standing armies and for the holding of peace congresses."

It is high time to recognize President Obama tireless activity on behalf of world peace with the Second Nobel Peace Prize. Here are ten main reasons why this second Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded.

10. By condoning if not encouraging the agencies that spied and eavesdrop on everyone from a common criminal to a President and Kanzler, he reminded the citizen of the world of their common humanity, their sense of brotherhood.

Having recognized this, humanity will surely ignore its religious, political, economic, or social differences and will strive for peace.

9. He truly achieved Pax Americana – by constantly trying to subjugate to his will heretofore unruly Europe and by bullying the rest of the world into submission.

The concept of “indispensible and exceptional nation” which he wholeheartedly embraces and promotes has unified the rest of the world into externally obsequious behavior coupled with  inward resentment.

8. He achieved peace and harmony in the most populous country in the world, China, by encouraging Chinese to prosper while they produce and sell to the US the endless amount of gadgets, plastic toys, and shoddy-made instruments that nobody really needs or uses.

Thus, social cohesion and harmony has been achieved in China, not because of Confucius, but because of Obama.

7. By his constant and consistently unsuccessful meddling in the affairs of Middle East, he unified Palestinians and Israelis in their active dislike of his policies.

6. He united two influential political groups, neocons and neoliberals, in their hatred of Russia and their desire to introduce political changes in that country.

Whatever opposite views these two political groups might have, however different The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, The Economist and The Guardian look at the world, their attitude toward Russia became indistinguishable.

Likewise, he unified and thus contributed to the peace between hard-core American conservatives and hard-core progressives. He has accomplished it by creating policies that are so offensive to these groups, that they suddenly found common language and understanding in their attempts to reject these policies.

5. Obama achieved in reality what Tolstoy only imagined as War and Peace, and Orwell predicted in the future as “War is Peace.” The vision of these great authors have been realized if not superseded, surrounded as we are now by the perennial “peace within war,” that is, the peaceful existence of wealthy countries amidst the murder and mayhem that became everyday reality in various poor ones.

4. President Obama have achieved long harmonious relationship with Canada, the country that shares with US its largest border, by appealing to its powerful minority, Ukrainian Canadians in his active involvement in Ukrainian crisis unfolding thousands of miles away from Northern America.

This feat was accomplished by the full acceptance of this minority’s view of history that sees the mass murderer and Nazi Collaborator, Stepan Bandera, as Ukraine’s founding father, and Russia as the mortal enemy of Ukraine, and one of the most dangerous threats to world peace.  

3. He managed to introduce peace between the Jews and the Ukrainians, two groups of people who traditionally and historically were hostile and suspicious of each other.

Jews scattered all over the world, managed to forget their history of suffering in the hands of nationalistic Ukrainians, and rushed to embrace their born again Ukrainian allies, creating thus a new ethnic group, called “zhidobanderovtsy”  (jewbanderites). Likewise, Ukrainians has clearly toned down their anti-Semitic rhetoric as they directed all their venom at Russians.

2. He reversed the age old and respected concept, “No justice, no peace,” that battling cry of black communities outraged by the manifestations of racism and inequality, by achieving peace without justice, the peace that now reigns over Fergusson, New York City, and various other cities where cops kill unarmed black men with impunity.   

1. Since his aggressive and frankly reckless peace efforts results in the constant mistreatment of Russia, this county will eventually respond in kind.

So it is high time to give this prize to him right now. Once the nukes start flying, even the Swedish Noble Peace committee might realize that to reward him with the Noble Prize is a bit too rash.

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