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Syrians Hold Elections In Defiance of Western-Backed Terror

While talks on a transitional government come to a halt in Geneva, Syrians choose their own. But Syria and Russia are again under threat from the 'regime changers' and their terrorist armies

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Last week the Syrian government held Parliamentary elections, which were due according to the constitution decided by referendum in May 2012. At a time when there were rapid developments towards restoring peace and security throughout Syria - thanks largely to Russia's scene-changing intervention - such elections seemed like a good way to bring people together in the national interest.

And so it proved. Contrary to the Western naysayers, who have worked hard to prevent Syrians having their choice of government for the last five years, these elections showed democracy to be alive and thriving in Syria, and even in regions where some doubted a vote could be held.

It was a free vote, which meant people were free to vote for any party or even individual to represent their region in the State Majlis, or not to vote at all. While this last freedom meant that in some areas the turnout was only average, allowing some sceptics to pretend that non-voters were registering a protest, the choices of the 58% of eligible people who did vote showed this was not the case, or perhaps even the opposite. And in countries with similar optional voting, such as Canada, 58% is a reasonable turnout for a general election.

Most significantly, out of the 250 candidates chosen for the Majlis, the large majority were Sunni Muslim, in a proportion reflecting the overall representation of this religious grouping in Syria. One of the main claims of the Opposition movement, from the very first 'protests', has been that President Bashar al Assad's government discriminates against Sunnis, while favouring Christians and Alawites.

This completely false claim - the Opposition's mantra in fact - has arguably been responsible for many of the deaths in the war, and certainly the sectarian killings of Christians and Alawites by 'rebel' groups. But it has also been the most essential part of Western propaganda supporting the attack on the Syrian government. Not only has excessive emphasis been put on the 'Assad family's Alawite clan' nature, and their 'Alawite heartland' around Latakia, but this has served to disguise the sectarian nature and motivation of the insurgency, dominated by the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi sects supported by the Gulf States and Turkey.

Despite trying to emphasise the suppose 'inclusive and democratic' nature of the 'Free Syrian Army' for the benefit of Western media audiences, the efforts of the Syrian National Coalition were never convincing. They recently reached their apogee at the 'peace talks' in Geneva, with Syrian government negotiators expected to discuss their future with 'terrorist-in-a-suit' Mohammed Alloush. This man, who is a chief negotiator in what Syria's representative Bashar al Jaafari rightly calls the 'Saudi delegation', is only there because the Syrian Army killed his brother Zahran Alloush just before the latest Geneva discussions began.

The Alloush clan headed Jaish al Islam - the armed group based in Douma near Damascus which has been responsible for innumerable mortar and bomb attacks on Damascus residents for the last three years, and likely had a role in the false flag Chemical Weapons attack of August 2013. There were also suspicions at the time of the involvement of the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan in that attack, so clearly Jaish al Islam has the Saudi's support.

So what do we have here?

In a process under the auspices of the UN, but acting in fact only at the insistence of Western powers, the Syrian government is expected to negotiate with the leader of one of the main terrorist groups it is fighting around the capital Damascus, and to agree on the terms of its own replacement. This group, which has killed and tortured thousands of ordinary civilians and soldiers, has done so at the bequest of foreign governments using weapons paid for and smuggled in by those governments.

At the same time as these farcical 'negotiations' are taking place in Geneva, and Western leaders talk about a 'transitional government' and the fate of Bashar al Assad, the Syrian government organises Parliamentary elections, so that Syrians can choose the representatives that they actually want. They have in fact simply bypassed the circus in Geneva, and chosen their own 'transitional government' - one that will enable the transition away from war and death and destruction towards reconciliation and rebuilding, without foreign interference.

Putting aside the clear and devious intent of those conspirators who started the war on Syria, the continuing and increasing delusion of most Western leaders and almost all Western commentators on the Syrian conflict has turned this mortal combat into a theatrical farce. It has become nearly impossible for those of us who know what is happening to understand such delusion, or to try to explain to those deluded what is wrong with their vision of the conflict. It's like trying to explain why a tiger is really a tiger, to someone who believes and insists that it is only a domestic cat.

Media misinformation and its constant reinforcement of the false narratives has made any such logical or reasoned approach hopeless, yet the imperative remains. As a result of what has been said in Geneva, and repeated by leaders and media, Syria is now facing a violent reversal of its recent gains. The sacrifices of Syrian, Lebanese, Russian, Iranian and Iraqi soldiers in fighting to achieve those gains risk being rendered worthless, not because the ceasefire has been broken 'by the regime', but because the terrorist sponsors have contrived to break it.

Nor should there be any doubt about who those terrorist sponsors are, as the US defence secretary and US President swap ideas on 'fighting Da'esh' across the table in Riyadh with their 'Royal Saudi partners'. And while pronouncing that 'there must be a political solution to the Syrian conflict', they do new deals to supply yet more lethal weaponry for their mercenary 'negotiators' to spread more death and destruction on the ground.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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