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SYRIANGIRL's Facebook Ban Linked to Russia-gate Twitter Purge? - an Exclusive Interview

"I’m quiet devastated. I put 5 years into that platform."

She thinks her account got caught up in the recent Twitter / Facebook purge of Russian-linked accounts.

On Thursday evening, we reported this:  Facebook Blocks SYRIANGIRL's Account After Criticism of Kurds

SYRIANGIRL, the Australian activist Youtuber and social media powerhouse tweeted on Thursday evening (EST) that her Facebook account has been blocked for her exposure of fraud during the Kurdistan referendum. She had 75,000 followers.

<figcaption>Careful Zuckerberg - hell hath no fury ...</figcaption>
Careful Zuckerberg - hell hath no fury ...

She also has 70,000 followers on Twitter, and 75,000 subscribers to her excellent Youtube channel.

She gave RI an exclusive interview on Friday, explaining that Facebook acted without warning, (which is unusual - usually they give people a chance to correct whatever is upsetting the censors), and so far have not responded to emails.

She speculated that perhaps her page had been caught up in the anti-Russian Twitter / Facebook purge currently unfolding. (Twitter removed 200 Russian accounts that targeted Facebook during election - USA Today)

Deep-staters are claiming that Russian troll farms were using Twitter to promote things on Facebook. Possibly they were also pushing her Facebook page, and it is possible that her page was caught up in the purge for this reason.

She pointed out that if Russian trolls were pushing her stories to American viewers, they were in fact doing America a favor, because her work corrects media lies about Syria pushed in the American media by intelligence agency trolls.

She also explained that she is censored in other ways - for example, Youtube stripped her of the ability to monetize her videos 4 years ago - without explanation. Take a look at the videos on her channel - hardly something that warrants censorship in a free society.

She is clearly upset:

I’m quiet devastated. I put 5 years into that platform. Hopefully it will come back.

I should have made my own website. I planned to - even bought a  domain name but I was a one person army. I didn’t have the resources in time, money or know-how.

In an effort to fight back against the censorship, she has started a Patreon account. If you want to take a stand against creeping US censorship, a great way to do it would be to join her supporters there.

On Friday night she put up a video punching back at Facebook, where she talks about the ban, and explains what she had been saying about the Kurds in Syria that must have so offended the censors:

Here is her Patreon video:

She has been very critical of the Kurds in the past, arguing that the idea of Kurdistan is ridiculous, because the Kurds were always a nomadic people, who wandered around other civilization's territories - they had no towns, not cities, no recorded history, no language of their own.

It would be like creating 'Bedouinstan' for nomadic Bedouins of the Arabian peninsula.

She says that Kurdistan is an invented issue to create a force to continue the war against Syria, now that ISIS is collapsing, and to steal Syria's oil.

She explains it in this video - starting at 3.11

SYRIANGIRL is the real deal people, she's no troll, of any government - Syrian, Russian, or any other. She is just a citizen (in this case of Australia), outraged by the lies in the media about her home country. Anyone who takes the time to look at her output can see that this is the case.

It is the same reason RI got started - our media has gone off the deep end with all this lying, and it is up to us to stop it, because if we don't - nobody will.

She deserves our support.

We put her video on our Facebook page - hope that sends a message too.

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