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Syrian Human Rights Source Widely Cited by BCC, CNN, Guardian, etc, is ... Ahem ... a Fraud (Video)

We're not sure who is getting hurt more in this whole Syria story, ISIL, or the neocon mainstream media

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RT nails this one with more brilliant work from investigative reporter extraordinaire, Nimrod Kamer.  

We've carried his work before, for example, here, where he makes a fool of US Ukraine ambassador, Geoffrey Pyatt.

<figcaption>Oh dear mainstream media, this is embarrassing...</figcaption>
Oh dear mainstream media, this is embarrassing...

In this adventure, Nimrod tries to track down the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", who it turns out is just one person, a Syrian immigrant, a Mr. Rami Rahman, who seems to hate Assad, working from his run-down house in provincial England.

Mr. Rahman refuses to talk to Kamer, appear on camera, or come to the door of his house.  Funny.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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