Syrian Girl Mysteriously 'Saved' Again and Again (PHOTO, VIDEO)

This girl sure gets herself into a lot of Russian airstrikes. Luckily there are always anti-Assad activists near by to pull her from the rubble

This time we offer our readers an opportunity to be film critics and to assess acting talents and make-up artist’s work. Because that’s how one should examine a footage with a girl who presumably suffered from Bashar al-Assad’s army attacks. 

At first sight the photos which went viral in the Arab and Western media on August 28 2016 excite pity and seemingly righteous indignation: a peaceful Lamb of God aka White Helmets’ volunteer is carrying two injured children. Social media say the photos have been made after attack on Al-Nayrab(Arabic: النيرب ) district of Aleppo.

We remind that disputable activity of that «volunteer organization» has been picked to pieces inRussian Spring’s review: Armed "saviours" under "an-Nusra" flags — Russian Spring investigation of White Helmets' strange "peacemaking" in Syria (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+), that is why today we are going to focus on the footage only.

Pay attention to the injured girl: scared, dishevelled, with blood on her face. 

But she was «saved» more than once: the same girl is carried by the three (!) different «volunteers» each after each.

Here is the girl in another man’s hands: still White Helmets’ emblem and car got into the shot:

And now — the third «saviour»:

These photos went viral in the Western media and social networks. It’s obvious that it has been filmed by many photographers including those working for the biggest informational agencies.

Just like that the oldest Israeli edition Haaretz published that picture and indicated some Abdalrhman Ismail working for Reuters as an author.

The first question is: why was the girl  carried by several men, why did they pass her to each other? The answer is simple: to make more tear-sqeezing photos for the Western media.

But the main thing is that the «volunteers» who took part in fabricating photo- and videomaterials found perfect model and decided to involve her in the other propaganda pieces.

The footage spread by Sky News on September 24 show White Helmets’ «volunteers» «saving» the same girls once again.

This case is yet more proof that Western propaganda has easy time not only distorting facts but garbling overtly when it has to persuade its audience in «Assad’s horrendous crimes».

Those who doubt that such acting (including heavy make-up) with the same young actress which can make millions of Internet users weep could be real we would like to remind a series of photos made in 2015 and casting a light upon how modern informational wars are fought:

We remind that the users claimed that it had something to do with the Iranian special services but there was no reliable and trustworthy information about who did that and when.

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