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ISIS in Crisis: Oil Routes Destroyed, Capital Now Vulnerable to Attack

With oil deliveries being destroyed before they can reach Turkey, the 'Islamic Caliphate' in Syria is quickly running out of money — and options

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Once free to transport millions of dollars of oil across the border to Turkey, ISIS now finds itself increasingly cut off from its Turkish "business partners". Without a steady stream of cash, the glorious "Islamic Caliphate" might not be around for much longer. The SAA and its allies are now raining down serious hurt on the terror group's primary cash cow:

Syrian Air Force jets pulverized Daesh positions in the eastern part of Aleppo province on Saturday, causing serious damage to the main road used by the militants to send oil tankers into neighboring Turkey.

<figcaption>Syria now has the upper hand</figcaption>
Syria now has the upper hand

The news comes just days after Russia conducted 36 straight hours of airstrikes against defensive positions held by "moderate" rebels in northern Homs.

If the SAA can maintain its momentum, even the "Islamic Caliphate" is a potential target. The Independent is reporting that ISIS strongholds are now vulnerable to attack:

[H]ow soon will the Syrian army, its Hezbollah allies and the Russian air force set their course for the Isis “capital” of Raqqa?  Isis, which holds Palmyra, must be learning of the extraordinary developments of the past few hours with deep concern. The everlasting Sunni “Islamic Caliphate” in Syria doesn’t look so everlasting any more.

The Syrian Arab Army is on the offensive — and even western news outlets begrudgingly admit that they are making steady progress.

ISIS is still alive and kicking, but for how long?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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