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Syria, Russia, and Serbia: The Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

Serbs know who the real hero is in Syria, while Syrian Christians know who is defending their lives 

Originally appeared at The Saker




The murals shown here are from the Serbian city of Novi Sad and they have been made in remembrance of Lt. Colonel Oleg Anatolyevich Peshkov, the Russian airman shot down by the Turks over Syria.  Writing on the flags are words of а song “С чего начинается Родина” (Where does the Motherland begin – a Russian song describing what love of country is) in Russian and Serbian. The mural was done by the Serbian League, Eastern Alternative and National Network (or People’s Network) organizations.


Bashar al-Asad in Orthodox Church

As my friend Larchmonter445 wrote to me, the western media would say about this photo that it represents “Alawite Mass Murderer and his Sunni Wife force Christians to take Selfies at Church“.  What it really shows is Bashar al-Assad and his wife visiting the Christian community of Damascus.

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